THWIP Through Our Collection of Amazing Spider-man iOS Wallpapers!


To celebrate the latest splendid Spidey news, beautify your smartphones with a little webcrawling wonder!

Oh man… What a wonderful time to be a Spider-man fan! Not only is the star-studded fan serenade, Spiderverse, coming to a conclusion, Marvel nerds just got the best news in the whole wide world: Spider-man is coming home, making the Marvel Cinematic Universe that much closer to the ideal one gestating in our brains for over thirty years. But what’s that you say? There’s still not enough Spidey in your life, you say?

It’s a brand new day: click to enlarge/save

Well then, here ya go: a dozen smartphone/tablet wallpapers specifically optimized for iOS. Of course they’ll damn near ever Android, tablet or other smart device, I, uh, just don’t have any of those… But these images, true believers, these images have been optimized for retina displays and parallax trickery, but they’re all high-res enough to go on just about any device’s screen. Just click the thumbnail, save and enjoy. Oh yeah, and listen to Cape Crisis, ya dinks!

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Spider-man IPHONE Wallpapers

Spider-man IPAD Wallpapers

And if Spidey ain’t your bag, perhaps your smartphone would prefer Captain America, Superman, or Guardians of the Galaxy?!





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