Cape Crisis #124 – A Brand New Day For Spidey Films


It’s a full house with Henry, Chris, Brett, and Dave all in one place to really dig into the big Spidery news of the week, but that’s hardly all that’s going on. Henry has some Superman books to gab about, along with an all-women Avengers, while Dave gives us an update on The Walking Dead, and Brett catches us up on his fave music of the last week, with much, MUCH more!


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Cape Crisis #124 Question: Who is your favorite woman to appear in super-comics?

12 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #124 – A Brand New Day For Spidey Films

  1. When the Spidey new was posted Monday night I basically died of happiness. It’s still kind of surreal, I didn’t really expect this to happen so soon BUT I’M GLAD IT DID. It’ll be nice to see the Spider-Man I’ve always wanted (as much as I like Raimi’s version), and to get him interacting with the MCU in general

  2. I do not understand people’s desire to see Spider-Man back in high school again.

    Highschool drama is always the dumbest shit in the world. I just don’t get why people want their Spider-Man stories saddled with that baggage.

    I don’t even know where people’s affinity for that comes from. That was, like, 50 years ago in the comics. He wasn’t in high school in the 90s cartoons. And even in the Raimi movies, he was only in high school for like the first half-hour of the first movie.

    But, apparently I’m S.O.L. Cause Marvel is apparenlty rebooting him back into high school.

    I just REALLY hope they don’t do his origin story AGAIN. Just show it over the opening credits like they did with Incredible Hulk.

    1. Yup, University and post University aged Peter is much more interesting.
      They should skip straight to Dan Slott’s run, or even straight to Peter working at Horizon labs. But I think they just want to use his age to explain why he hadn’t shown up sooner, so we really are s.o.l

    2. For me, the high school / college years represent ideal Spidey – he’s not a veteran hero, he can barely make ends meet, he can’t make his classes, he looks up to most other heroes cuz he’s still young, he loses fights due to inexperience etc etc

      Once he became an adult, married, teacher w/e he lost something for me.

      As far as a movie goes, him being in high school doesn’t mean they have to dwell on it or focus on some teen drama angles. He can just be a young student who’s just recently got his powers and off we go. Ultimate SM is probably going to be the blueprint, where SHIELD finds him and is like “hey, we’re watching.”

  3. I’m the 1st person to roll my eyes when Hank gets on his soapbox since he can REALLY reach, however I did like his defense of bi-sexuals. As a bi-guy I’ve never faced any guff but I’ve heard that lezbos HATE bi-chicks like serious bring up Amber Heard, Lady Gaga or any other Bi woman who’s married to a man and lezbos will start seething it’s pretty funny. I imagine that it’s just dick-envy.

  4. this is great cant wait to hear your thoughts, i know you and Brett are huge fans. i hope FOX sees how well they do and they do the same with X-men

    1. I think Fantastic Four is the better bet and choice.

      In my opinion the X-Men movies are fine where they are, and I don’t think Marvel could do better. I prefer X2, First Class and Days of Future Past to every Marvel movie (although Captain America: Winter Soldier beats First Class).

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