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With the exception of maybe Rambo, it’s difficult to think of any characters who’ve been ripped off as frequently as Indiana Jones. (Granted, you could argue Dr. Jones is himself a ripoff, but that’s beside the point.) With rumors of a film reboot on the rise, we devote this week to the ersatz Indys who’ve been whipping their way through games since the ’80s. Then it’s on to chat about Evolve, the pros and (mostly) cons of a Netflix Zelda series, and the comedy sketches you’d like to turn into games.

Question of the Week

What’s the game you’re most proud of 100-percenting (or most want to 100-percent)?



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21 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 99 – Indiana Clones

  1. Scarface the world is yours, you get 5 bikini clad women that follow you around. And everyone knows that 5 x 2 is 10, so really its 10 boobies that follow you around. 10 boobies and that isnt even mentioning butts.

  2. Isn’t Indiana Jones basically just Han Solo with a hat? I personally hate every Harrison Ford character and every character inspired by him “Oh I’m a cool guy badass who doesn’t care but secretly does” ugh!

  3. QotW:
    I managed to get the good ending of Dead Rising. I kept playing that game, despite the fact that it seemed designed to piss me off enough to stop playing. The time limit made it impossible to do side quests and having to start over from the beginning every time you missed the time limit was so aggravating. I don’t really know why I played it to the end. My memories of it aren’t particularly fond. The way it was designed sapped all of the fun out of it.

    As far as a game, I want to 100%, I’d go with any 3D Mario. I always get down to where there are a few stars that are so irritating to get that I lose patience.

  4. QoTW:
    I’m most proud of 100%-ing Persona 4 Golden. I got the Platinum Trophy, fused every Persona, defeated every optional boss (including Margaret and The Reaper), and completed every side quest. I had to complete the game twice to access everything, but since it’s easily one of my favorite games, I didn’t mind at all. It actually gave me an excuse to complete the game again.

  5. Man, i was so freakin proud of 100% the second sly game without any guides or online help. I spent way to much time with my ear pressed against a TV, listening for the feint sound of bottle rocking back and forth

  6. For me, it would have to be Final Fantasy XIII. Did everything, got everything…, cause I loved it (and still love it) so much. Got all of the achievements with that one, but I’ll also throw in getting all of the achievements for Brothers: A Tale of Sons which I played literally this past Saturday. Both fantastic games in my opinion, though XIII took a lot more work to get 100%.

  7. I have had a complete Pokedex consisting of all 719 currently available Pokemon. Not only is the Pokedex complete, each and every little pocket monster is in numerical order in the game’s storage system.

  8. I got every achievement in Call of Duty 4, including the “Mile High Club” achievement. It is, to this day, the hardest I’ve ever worked for a single achievement.

    Also Dark Souls 1&2.

  9. Holy crap 99 episodes! Surprised it took this many to get to Indy related topics, but then again not like there’s been much development on that franchise in a while…

  10. Top 100 Birds Off the Top of My Head

    100. Birdo (Not actually a bird)
    99. Franklin from Animal Crossing
    98. The Bird From Joust
    97. Pidgey
    96. Pidgeotto
    95. Pidgeot
    94. Sparrow
    93-50. All the Other Birds in Pokemon
    49. Donald Duck
    48. Archimedes
    47. The Hatoful Boyfriend Birds
    46-30. The Birds You Roll Up in Katamari
    29. Lando Calrissian as a Black Canary from Angry Birds: Star Wars
    28. Arpeggio
    27. Parry
    26. Chocobo
    25-1. Kazooie

    You can send the check in the mail, Mikel.

    1. This post reminded me to mention the latest humble bundle. 35 dollar
      donation gets you a hatoful boyfriend body pillow!

  11. The Top 5s have been so good lately; Mikel is really getting creative. And, Chris, just watch the fucking Croods. It’s got great art design, and Cage is actually trying. It’s one of the few good Dreamworks movies.

  12. Sorry if someone already mentioned it, but even the game art posted here is a ripoff of the classic Return of the Jedi theatrical poster. Those guys really loved them some Harrison Ford movies.

  13. you guys talking about the skyward sword controls (which i agree,were 90%awful) took me bout 45 hours and i had a sore wrist for weeks after BUT the last quarter of the game is fantastic, excellnet bosses, great character moments, made it worthwhile. music is tops too. but FI is an annoying helper, unlike Midna who rules and i hope she makes a return.

    better ep than last week, cant wait for 100 ALL RACOON EPISODE!!!

  14. My most proud 100% completion game would have to be LA Noire. Great game, memorable story (i think), scary ass faces – what’s not to love?

    My biggest regret in my completion blackhole would be Street Fighter 2. I was able to unlock everything in that game aside from Sheng Long. My neighbor’s dad who worked for Capcom did it once, but he traded the game with a friend for the Japanese import of Final Fight 2:Guy before he could show it to me. Now, if only I could find that damned EGM magazine, I could brush up on how to unlock him…

  15. The game I am most proud of getting 100% in is Metroid Prime. Being my 1st First Person Shooter/Adventure game (halo on pc was 2nd). Scouring every nook and cranny to acquire every missile, Energy tank, bomb upgrade… and scanning every enemy, plant, e.t.c. Figuring out what the hell happened to that world that durned it to such a dark and desolate place… and doing all this as a 12 year old; gave me a real appreciation for the amount of detail and backstory put into it… that some games now don’t really have. It was a truly rewarding experience, and its something I am proud to have passed on to my little sister, one who also loves the game.

  16. QOTW: the game I’m most proud of completing would be Super meat boy, all 106% of it. I collected all bandages, A+ ranking in both light and dark worlds, completed all warp zone, retro, glitch levels and the unlock able character levels too (‘the kid’ levels killed me 700+ times alone, god I hate that guy).

    I never felt bored or that I was wasting my time when I could have been playing another game made the completion of the game all the better.

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