Xbox Indie Dating Sim Showcase!


Looking for love in Try Not To Fart, The Fantastic Fivesome, and Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy!

Some of you may’ve seen these surprise shenanigans at the end of our Spider-Man: Web of Shadows stream, but today being Valentine’s Day, we thought it’d be appropriate to force a couple more views from the lusty and lovelorn out there. Not only do we showcase three nearly forgotten indie dating sims, me and Dave dispense with some dating tips and some bedroom secrets you’ll never be able to wash away. Happy V-Day, enjoy your cheesecake

5 thoughts on “Xbox Indie Dating Sim Showcase!

  1. This is so great and Mr. Antista’s transformation into Chuck Jones’ long lost child was gold. i also think there needs to be a sound effect for the “COLLUSION!!!” moments. I love those.

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