Harold – Let’s Do This!

harold animated game laser time

[UPDATE: YouTube archive added below for great cartoony justice!]

Heard of the game Harold? Well, you’re gonna, once Chris and Dave scamper off into this playable cartoon today at 2pm 2:30 PACIFIC (5:30 pm EASTERN)

Laser Time’s podcast may be taking a brief break from incessantly talking about cartoons this week, but it doesn’t mean our livestreams have to! Come along and be our running partner as we fire up Harold, an animated God game from Moon Spider Studio.

4 thoughts on “Harold – Let’s Do This!

  1. Here and I immediately thought of the character and titular story named Harold from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. My mistake.

  2. This fucking .gif is 7.5MBs and absolutely murders anyones phone trying to get to your site. Optimise your shit, Breh! 😉

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