Laser Time – Oscar Time 2015


Once again, we’ve seen every movie nominated for a 2015 Best Picture Academy Award so you don’t have to! Find out which films are truly worthy of the cinema’s highest praise and which ones you can ignore completely…


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And if you’re a serious cinephile, be sure to check out Laser Time’s Oscar shows from 2012, 2013 and 2014!

43 thoughts on “Laser Time – Oscar Time 2015

    1. We’re not too bad with the spoilers, but we also segment off the films pretty well this year, so if you haven’t seen the film, try moving on to the next one.

        1. We did? I thought we were pretty vague… Apologies, but hey, they’re both comedies and don’t really on anything plot heavy to be enjoyed.

          1. I think it’d be beneficial to have time stamps for each movie segment next year. People can skip forward to avoid certain spoilers

      1. LOL Henry that’s just an outright fallcity

        your guys’ catch phrase is

        “(INSERT SPOILER HERE) spoilers by the way, ooo maybe we shouldn’t have said that haha we could have edited this but we won’t haha”

  1. Oh yeah! One of my favorite traditions in this network! 😀

    And dammit, I REALLY want to watch boyhood, but my stupid fucking country isn’t playing it yet. So I’m gonna have to probably skip the talk about it until I can (hopefully) watch it soon.

      1. Fair enough, but I’m the kind of dude that likes to go into movies as blind about what they are about as I can, know it can be an obnoxious habit, but I can’t help it, it helps me enjoy a movie more.

        Still, heard most of the episode already, pretty great job guys! 😀 And the sketches were pretty fun too, I specially loved Birdman’s XD

  2. The work you guys put into this episode was very impressive. I would have loved it if you guys did a skit for the Lego Movie too, but all of them made me laugh even if I didn’t actually see the movies they were about.

  3. YES! These are some of my favorite Laser Time episodes. Plenty of “awards season” films have yet to even come out here so by all means mention which to skip…

    …although judging from previous years, I’d say a third perhaps?

    And screw those for not acknowledging the Lego Movie.

  4. Boyhood immediately put me off by mashing pop culture in my face to let me know what year it was, and continued to do it for most of the movie. It wasn’t all bad, but it wouldn’t have been any worse for having different actors play the kids over time, and it wouldn’t have been nominated without that gimmick.

    1. Huh, I actually feel that exact opposite. Love how Linklater hammers home when and where we are (which is something I normally hate too) and the gimmick probably (which I also LOVED) probably wouldn’t work as well a decade from now if he didn’t.

    1. Whoops, sorry about that. Thought I might’ve used it before, but it was late, I’d been editing all day, and I was a little loopy. Good memory!

  5. As someone who doesn’t have the resources to watch the majority of these films it’s kind of pointless to listen to and makes for the least “evergreen” content in the Laser Time archives. That said, I still listen… but just as Chris said about watching a lot of these films, I’m probably only going to listen once.

    1. Agreed, but I still think it’s worthwhile to do, if only because I do love talking about the Oscars. I say it every year but I don’t like sports and the Academy Awards is essentially my Super Bowl. It’s the one time annually I clench my fists and scream and yell at a live event on TV.

      And you don’t have the resources? These movies are $3 rentals via Amazon (NOTE THE LINKS) or just pirate ’em. Torrents or weird Russian flash sites (Prime Wire dot something? Enter that place with a serious pop up blocker/at your own risk.) Seriously, I think it’s worth it to know a little something on what (non-Marvel) movies the whole world will talking about

        1. Don’t encourage me. Only clever editing stops me from turning every episode into hour-long critiques of obscure character actors from the 1930s. Like that time on Cape Crisis where I compared Kingpin to Sydney Greenstreet for, like, an hour.

          Also, I apologize for making Keira Knightly sound like Glinda the Good Witch.

          1. Don’t apologize! you did great! and your knowledge of obscure cinema is a big part of your charm! 😀

            Honestly, I just feel that you bring a refreshing different personality and kind of nerd knowledge than the rest of the crew. The fact that you’re not a gamer or a comic nerd makes you stand out in what I feel is a very positive way ^^

            ‘Sides, you also clearly care about movies way more than anyone else in the crew does, and that counts for a lot with me.

          2. Thanks. I’ve always said Mikel and I are the Romeo and Juliet of nerds, him a gamer and me a cinephile.

            Two geekeries, both alike in dignity,
            in fair internet do we lay our scene.
            From ancient grudge break to new flame war,
            Where obscure knowledge makes non-nerds roll their eyes.

  6. Chris you was really making me think I was going crazy because you reused a intro AND the date on the podcast says 2014.

  7. This is going to be the first year in a long time where I’m actually going to agree with the movie that wins Best Picture. Even though Birdman is my overall favorite film of the year, Boyhood is the best that filmmaking had to offer this year. It’s a technical achievement that will never be recreated again, and for that reason alone, it needs to be recognized as THE Best Picture of the year.

  8. As someone who never got a chance to see Boyhood nor Birdman, Grand Budapest Hotel deserves to win everything

  9. This was my personal worst year for keeping up with movies. I haven’t seen a single best picture nominee this year, let alone many of the other categories. Still, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much except Big Hero 6 (and maybe The Imitation Game).

  10. Love these yearly Oscar shows! Though I think I’ve seen fewer nominees this year than most other ones (blame university)

  11. Also Chris, I saw The Theory of Everything and it wasn’t that bad. There were some really funny moments in it . Although, the emotional moments didn’t do much for me considering Hawking is still alive. It’s worth a watch.

  12. I loved Birdman.
    I didn’t see it in a theatre so I feel it was easier for me to ignore the complaints you guys had about actors acting etc.
    It’s one of those films that’s more immersive when watched on a 24 inch monitor.

  13. Really great episode guys. I was expecting you to all hate American Sniper, but I found it hilarious that you ended up shitting on the British biopics instead.

  14. I haven’t listened to the episode yet but I just want to say that I love these Oscars episode. While I’ve seen a lot of films last year, I have only seen three Oscars film: Boyhood, Birdman, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I love all three and wouldn’t mind if any of these three films win the Oscars, although my personal favorite is Birdman (and it seems likely that Birdman will win the Oscars due to all the Guild wins).

    So, go Birdman!

  15. This is the best Oscar episode yet. All of those sketches were a nice, enjoyable touch and I thank you guys for putting the effort in to make them. That must have been time consuming.

  16. Thanks for this. I wouldnt have watched Boyhood or GBH without your recommendation. I’ll check them out this weekend. What was the other one I was supposed to watch?

  17. The Oscar nominees according to Anne Lewis:
    Buttican Sniper
    The Grand Buttapest Hotel
    The ImButtation Game
    The Theory of Buttrything

  18. I hate to be that guy, but Henry, I love you, you are my favorite Lasertime regular, but you make a horrible joke about ALS. It’s a fatal disease, not just a disability and inconvenience. Which normally, whatever, but you are so quick to get offended on every single person’s behalf, you just make a joke about a really horrible and painfully illness where all your loved ones have to watch you die slowly as you loose complete function of your entire body, I think it just makes it worse. My Mother-in-Law died from it, and it wasn’t easy to watch my wife go through it or her entire family.

    It’s probably a double standard, I know, as if Chris made the joke I probably wouldn’t care. It’s done and I just had to vent my annoyance about it.

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