SNL Viewers Club: 40th Anniversary Special

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Yep, Saturday Night Live has been around since 1975. That’s nothing short of amazing.

No, this won’t be my typical review. This is a celebration — in two parts! And by two parts, I mean you can watch both halves of the special right here.

And yes, this special does feature *Don Pardo voice* Eeeeellllen Cleghooooorne.

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6 thoughts on “SNL Viewers Club: 40th Anniversary Special

  1. Gotta say I fell out of SNL for some time but I like visiting these here and again. I will have to watch this episode. I saw the first five minutes and it was a pretty good start. I really do take your SNL posts for granted sir. Good stuff.

  2. Wow, this article got up so fast considering the mega-long telecast basically just ended! *end joke*

    IMO, this was the best moment of television I’ve ever seen in the last 15 years. What was it before that? Why, the SNL 25th special! Yeah, it’s been that long since they bothered with a special of this magnitude. So goddamned good, everybody give this shit a watch. Only requires the lightest of SNL knowledge.

  3. this caught me by surprise. I’m not quite finished, into the Seinfeld bit. I thought the rehashing of old jokes would feel forced and sad, but this is pretty fun heartwarming stuff. love seeing Norm do Burt Reynolds one more time.

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