Laser Time – A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy


In search of Star Trek, Spock, and the life, work and amazing interplanetary contributions of Leonard Nimoy…


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18 thoughts on “Laser Time – A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

  1. Got really bummed out when I heard this news last week. Even before I got into the OG series and movies I knew of Nimoy, and watching him as Spock later on was an absolute pleasure. Seeing him back for the JJ Abrams’ movies was super cool and his presence will be missed in whatever 3 becomes. Thanks for all the fond memories, Leonard and I hope your own life was prosperous.

  2. In the break Chris says, “RIP Leonard Maltin.” That seems like something that might be worth going back to edit out for the future listeners.

    1. I came here to post this. I think Chris’ disney love took over for a second
      Then again i got a laugh out of it so if it was inteionally pretending to forget for a laugh it worked

      1. I posted this right after the break, before I heard Chris say Leonard Maltin, and be corrected, several times during the show, but I checked to make sure Leonard Maltin hadn’t died too, just in case it wasn’t just a slip on Chris’s part.

  3. Brett barely mentioned it, but for those of us addicted to Civ V and IV Nimoy’s voice was with us everytime we researched a technology and as the narrator introducing us to our Civ at the very beginning. He wasn’t in Beyond Earth, and that basically made me stop playing it to go back and enjoy Civ V some more. He was (along with Gandhi being an asshole) the mascot of that game. I will really miss him in this regard.

  4. Chris, I do remember In Search Of being rerun on A&E I think back when I was in middle school (around 95). Really great underrated show.

  5. Ummm… Henry the Simpsons X-Files episode was season 8 not 7.
    I kid, great episode. The Laser Time in memoriam episodes are always heartfelt and very helpful in losing a public figure that meant some much to me.

  6. I watched the Monorail Simpsons episode literally the night before.

    Great man. Live long and prosper.

  7. I was always a bigger fan of Next Gen, so my touchstone for Nimoy is (appropriately for this podcast) the Simpsons. His appearances on the alien and monorail episodes is absolutely hilarious. So long, Leonard, you were one of geekdom’s oldest members, and you will be missed.

  8. I’ll miss the guy. But Nimoy’s been looking real rough the past few years. The last time I saw him up in Northhampton Mass a couple years ago he just looked so drained, where he’s usually so passionate when he comes up here and gives lectures about his photography, and to a lesser extant his philanthropy as those lines of conversation would come up. He had a close relationship to a gallery dealer there and would occasionally come out and speak about art, issues, criticism, mostly a gallery talk on his photography… famously yelling at someone in the audience that was asking annoying Star Trek questions after the dude imbibed a bit too much at the cash bar. If you were on point he would never fail to really listen to anyone in the audience, and even spend a long time after words signing his art books, casual chat, and unlike many artists he wouldn’t constantly be pitching his prints for sale. The few times I saw him he seemed a genuinely nice guy. I’m sure I blithered like an idiot when I chatted with him, but he’s probably used to that.

  9. I booted up seaman for some Leonard Nimoy nostalgia. I was greeted to Spock saying, “”your seaman is dead.” I the whole event made me very sad.

  10. Read the Road to 2409, which Star Trek Online actually ties into. The prime universe still goes on in STO. It goes into detail about some of the Kingon-Gorn Empire war, and the Romulan Civil war, and the lead up to the Hobus Star supernova. It is interesting stuff.

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