Community’s Sixth Season Unveiled AVENGERS STYLE


You had me at Keith David…

Man, on almost any other day, this would’ve been the web’s Best Trailer of the Week. So I’m not sure if our first look at Community’s long-philosophized sixth season was deliberately timed to release on the heels of Marvel’s Age of Ultron trailer, but I certainly hope it doesn’t get overshadowed by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, because that’s the spirit of this presentation. Even with so many of the cast gone, this still looks absolutely incredible. Seriously, go watch Community if you haven’t already, people!

I know next to nothing about Yahoo Screen, other than a few of those Saturday Night Live Superhero Sketches I embedded, but let’s hope it can hold it’s server load on March 17th. I’m afraid to make anymore predictions because the last time I did that with Community, I turned out to be the WRONGEST PERSON ON EARTH.

But then, who could’ve predicted the glory of Keith Muthafuckin’ David?!



7 thoughts on “Community’s Sixth Season Unveiled AVENGERS STYLE

  1. Feels good to see this a day after Dan Harmon was complaining he’d sent the entire production of scheduled on his podcast, I guess he gets too worked up. Also love the theme of “all-new vs. change”.

  2. super glad it’s back, weird to see so much of the cast gone. Honest Trailers dude is getting a lot of work these days, good for him.

    1. “weird to see so much of the cast gone”

      That was my first thought as well.

      On the other hand…Keith David.

      “I’m nobody’s 4th Ghostbuster.” So good.

  3. I’m probably one of the few who is least excited for the new season and just stopped caring. the first three seasons are their strongest, we all know how awefull the fourth season was and season 5 had its moments. i think the show wouldve of worked better if their were new characters in every 2 or 3 seasons, i dont know how long community college works. my point is i just find community now to be kinda stale.

  4. You endured it way longer than I did. I watched the first two seasons due to the hype surrounding the series, but wasn’t really that impressed with it, and by the third season, I decided I definitely had better stuff to watch than this show.

    Honestly, to me, The LaserTime’s crew hard-on for this series is one of the most baffling things about them.

    1. Then you’re being obtuse. Because it’s not just the LaserTime crew. Like 90% of nerds on the internet love this show.

      Trust me, you’re the baffling one.

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