Laser Time – Horror Camp


Talking Sundance movies, the best of 2015 TV, growing up with horror and more with special guest Louis Peitzman…


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29 thoughts on “Laser Time – Horror Camp

  1. Chris, you should watch Archer if you haven’t already. Always Sunny has a new season too.
    Those are the best comedies on tv imo

    1. Definitely agree with that. Somehow Always Sunny is still funny and Archer’s better than i initially expected

      1. Archer is still decent, but I think this is one of Sunny’s least interesting seasons, and it hasn’t been funny for a while, I really should stop watching it.

    2. I find it hard to watch Archer, but Always Sunny is just fantastic though. Surprising how they keep it so funny for this many seasons. RUM HAM!!!

      1. Yeah, Archer hits my style of humor so perfectly that I can understand why some people may not find it as appealing as I do.
        I can’t help but love the show!

  2. Interesting mixture of topics, but I’m a big horror guy so I’m definitely along for the ride

        1. Yeah, honestly my favourite of 2014 would be Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead. There weren’t all that many good new horror movies last year… luckily I have a high enough tolerance that even the crap ones are semi-enjoyable to me.

          1. The possessed arm was a great angle for that film and I liked it as well. Housebound is not so much a horror film but is on Netflix and worth checking out.

        2. Sad to say I am still waiting for an official release so I can check it out but everyone tells me I am missing out. I think its out in april so will update once I see it.

        3. Babadook was great, and so was Dead Snow 2 (now on Netflix). The Guest is also great, although it’s more of a thriller/action movie than a horror movie.

          Looking forward to It Follows, the reviews for it are very positive. Also, Crimson Peak (Guillermo del Toro’s next film).

  3. wait… this episode was awesome but that title is pretty misleading. isn’t it or am I just reeeeally sleep deprived? Also you guys should bring that Peitzman fella on more often, I like his dryer wit. that’s not sarcasm, that sincerity.

  4. Checked out Louis Peitzman top horror films for 2014 and 100 percent agree with his choices. Thanks Lasertime for introducing me to this legit person. If you talk to him again, please ask him if he saw the Hunted (Not the Benicio one) love to hear his thoughts on it. For those who havent seen it, please do, its great!

  5. Never heard of him before but I’m now a fan of Louis! I think his type of humor really rounds out the rest of the cast in an interesting way. Also was interesting to hear about newer movies that weren’t super hero related, I constantly forget that there’s so many other films other than the ones throwing all their advertisement in my face.

  6. I am a huge laser time fan, sometimes donating, amazon clicker…this was the first time I bailed mid episode.

    I think if they have guests they should do a regular style episode instead of a rambling interview.

    Maybe other people disagree and these guest shows are funny to some.

    Love the show and have turned on a few people to it. Chris is a wonderful host, lackluster interviewer

  7. Very pleasantly surprised to have this for my Monday morning! Thanks for the early post.

    I feel the need to comment on something from this episode that hit really close to home for me – Chris’ anecdote about his friend making friends with a 27 year old who would drive them around all the time. I’m 28, and making friends with (and driving around) teenagers has pretty much been my life for the past 9 years. I volunteered (and now work for) a Christian youth-outreach organization called Young Life. Basically, it’s been my job to meet and mentor teenagers, which involves a lot of driving around 15 year olds, and frequently being the only twenty-something showing up to highschool plays and basketball games.

    Louis asking “What did he get out of it?” and Chris’ response essentially being (and I’m definitely paraphrasing from memory here) “He probably wanted to molest us, and it was extra weird because he met him at church” really bummed me out. Chris, I don’t blame you for having this point of view – I just think it sucks that the default opinion of society at large is that any non-parent, non-teacher who actually wants to spend time with teenagers is a creep or a perv, and that Christians are all freaky weirdos.

    Most of the people I’ve worked with in Young Life have been genuinely awesome, and their only motivation is that they actually care about having a positive influence on the lives of teenagers. What we get out of it is the satisfaction of knowing we made a difference, no matter how small, in someone’s life.

    Anyway, I’m not mad at you guys or anything, it’s just those comments struck a nerve, and I felt the need to vent a little bit. It sucks knowing that people probably think those things about me and my friends, when really all we want to do is make a positive impact on kids’ lives. Which I do, by telling them to listen to the LaserTime network of podcasts!

    1. Sorry that anecdote hit you this way, so feel free to vent! I personally didn’t mean to imply ALL CHRISTIANS are freaky weirdos, because that’s not something I believe. (Although, I am a hyper-lapsed Catholic, which I do think somewhat entitles me to make molestation jokes)

      And in fairness to both of us, this guy doesn’t sound anything like you. He was not a volunteer, nor was he affiliated with any official organization, and several of us weren’t even members of his church. He was a sweaty chain-smoker who’d drive us around to get booze and weed, buy us cigarettes, then wait silently in the car while we got fucked up in the woods. If there was any concern or mentoring going on, I certainly didn’t see it. But I also didn’t see it as creepy at the time either, so shows what the fuck I know.

  8. Really enjoying your recent episodes with guests from outside the Lasertime network. I hope for more!

    Also…. what happened to Michael Grimm? Did you guys ship him to Ireland with no money to come home?

  9. Man you totally spoiled The D Train, having seen the movie. Everyone in the press tiptoed around the gay scene and is surprise when it happens.

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