Full Official Trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil is Much Better


Yet there’s still something missing, and I’m okay with that…

I love Daredevil. Pound for pound, I think you could argue that he’s had the best run of any character in Marvel’s comic stable in the last decade or so. So not only does that make the 2003 Ben Affleck film sting way more than it should, I was more than a little bummed by the original Netflix teaser. So much so that I didn’t even write it up, which is one of my few civic duties here on Laser Time. But this trailer is a vast improvement, and I may as well go into cryogenic sleep until the clock strikes midnight on April 10th.

Since Tony Stark is anything but tortured, Matt Murdock’s crimson acrobat is often times the closest thing Marvel has to Batman. Obviously, he can dish out the pain, he’s got quite possibly the only secret identity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and most importantly, DD’s far better suited for busting up crime syndicates and unraveling conspiracies. His stories are a lot more “street level”, meaning he rarely trades in stuff like aliens or superpowered villainy (at least, not anymore.) Daredevil’s origin story is the least interesting thing about him since he’s essentially an ass-kicking detective, and a multi-episode noir series is a much better fit for translating what people like Miller, Brubaker, Bendis, Waid, and hell, even Kevin Smith have brought to the page. IMO, it’s not about what Daredevil does or who he beats up, my favorite stories are about what he exposes, and how Matt Murdock’s day job allows him to occasionally clean it up in plain sight.


There are two reason the Daredevil dork in me was underwhelmed by the initial teaser trailer. First, it didn’t seem to genuinely center the character anywhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While this trailer only just barely does that (and the way its done at the end of the trailer could even legally be pulled off in a DC movie), it’s that simple line of mockery that perfectly establishes his place in alongside Thor and Iron Man. Because¬†Daredevil works best alongside Daily Bugle reporters, or roundhousing through darkened warehouses of cocaine and chemicals. Because The Avengers cant be bothered with corrupt cops or missing children. That’s Daredevil’s domain, and while he may occasionally rub shoulders with the Marvel elite, that’s not necessarily his natural habitat. To try and up the stakes for the bigscreen puts you in really stupid Amazing Spider-Man 2 territory; caught in a ridiculous web of unnecessary conspiracy. Television is perfect for Daredevil, goddammit!

daredevil-netflix-trailer-kingpinAnybody else playing DMC getting a bit of a Mundus vibe?!

And the most major thing missing for me in the earlier teaser is still nowhere to be seen in the full trailer: The Suit. That’s tricky business I won’t pretend to have an answer for. Without that recognizable suit, it’s hard to recognize Daredevil. But thankfully, hearing characters like¬†Kingpin and Foggy Nelson speak more does a helluva lot to that end. Thanks to this glimpse, I certainly don’t mind a build up to Daredevil’s iconic costume (although NOT a Smallville-paced build up!), and to be honest, I won’t mind if that doesn’t happen at all. This is perfectly fine by me:


Lastly, and perhaps best of fucking all, something I didn’t even notice until the third viewing of this particular: TV-MA. A TV content rating?! I even went back to check other trailers for Netflix Original Series and none of them contained a Congressionally¬†mandated parental TV warning. I mean… it’s technically not TV, right? I could speculate that this means Netflix isn’t the final stop for Daredevil (or perhaps simply the streaming outlet trying to portray legitimacy) but at least it means we’re getting something along the lines of a Marvel Max of Knights, or rather, a darker, more violent imprint for the MCU. Punisher and Blade aside, there’s been no “R-Rated” content since Marvel took the reigns of its cinematic destiny. And even though the prospect of an authentic Deadpool movie is a bit of a lost cause, I’m absolutely fucking excited for the future.

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10 thoughts on “Full Official Trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil is Much Better

  1. I do wonder if they are embarrassed to put him in the suit. like a TV audience wouldn’t accept the same thing that they would in a theater? that’s crazy though.

  2. When I watch this, I will playing a drinking game. I will drink every time a character says a dramatic one-liner that executives can cleanly cut out for a trailer.

  3. I’m not particularly excited to revisit Matt Murdock’s origin story again. It’s the least interesting part of his character but I hope the show does well enough so that they can get to the Bendis, Brubaker, and Waid storylines. That’ll be some must see super-hero tv.

  4. This trailer definitely looked loads better, but I audibly groaned at the part where Kingpin exclaims “We have so much in common” and Daredevil retorts “We are nothing alike!”.

    Can we please fucking stop using that tired exchange in entertainment? please? It’s lazy, it’s cheesy, and most of the time it doesn’t even fucking fit.

  5. I enjoyed the first trailer enough, but damn does this one knock it out of the park. I’m sure the red suit will show up in the last couple of episodes, and I’m mostly fine with that. As long as they take the time to actually make Matt interesting and make us give a shit about his world and struggles, I’ll be very pleased with this. Plus, as Chris says, making it a noir TV drama rather than a superhero blockbuster is perfect for this character. D’onofrio looks friggin great as Kingpin and I can’t wait to ingest this in a few days once it hits Netflix next month.

  6. D’Onofrio does look great as the Kingpin. I was wondering if he could pull it off in terms of physicality. To me, he has to have that combination of dangerous intellect and brutal physical presence. The Ben Affleck Daredevil movie was not that great, but I do think that Michael Clarke Duncan did a pretty good job as Kingpin. Although I haven’t seen it in years so maybe my memory is fuzzy on the details.

  7. This is really exciting, I hope they pull it off so we can have some serial content that potentially deals with great storylines.

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