Cape Crisis #128 – 2 Many Spider-Men?


Henry and Chris take some time to catch up on their current binge watching, as well as drop some Simpsons conspiracy theories, before jumping into a lengthy whatcha been reading, then we get some classic Bat-audio, your answers to the question of the week, and some deep talk about diversity…


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We discuss it again in this episode, so seriously, watch Kieron Gillen’s amazing talk about Watchmen…










Cape Crisis #128 Question: Your favorite non-canonical comic adventure?

16 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #128 – 2 Many Spider-Men?

  1. I myself was thinking with the arrival of Spider-Gwen that the Spider-Man family got even worse, there’s Parker, 2099, Kaine, the new woman introduced in Amazing who was also bitten with Peter, the other Spider-Woman who replaced Julia Carpentar who’s now Madame Webb, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales. by the end of Battleworld we need 1 Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and maybe Madame Webb that’s enough it’s obnoxious as is.

    1. I think there is plenty of room for most of them. I wouldn’t want to lose Miles or Miguel because they are unique enough to not be just spider-man in a different costume. They’re powers plus not being Peter really keep them feeling fresh. However, I also really loved Kaine as the Scarlett Spider and was super disappointed when his solo book was cancelled. Disappointed enough to buy the abysmal New Warriors books which also got cancelled. I really dug Kaine’s struggle to be a hero after all the horrors he had committed. Again a cool new way to look at Spider-Man. Of all of them, I’m the most bored with Peter at this point but I wouldn’t want him to go away, I just want all this cross over crap to go away and let Peter be a street level hero again.

  2. I like that the thing I learned today was that if Henry was the last man on earth and Kristen Schaal the last woman, he would have sex with her.

  3. I’m really enjoying the recent “real talk” about what might be considered “SJW” stuff on Cape Crisis. I may not always agree, but you guys are damn good at tackling issues that usually spark hate-filled internet debates. Also, I have now started watching “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, and I’m quite enjoying it.

    1. I’ve been hesitant to talk about that kind of shit just because of how polarizing the subject is. I’d like to think we found a decent way to discuss it over the last two episodes by not resorting to spitting out sound bites and platitudes, and not pretending folks can only feel one of two ways about an issue.

      Seriously, let me know if you agree/disagree! It’s not like these discussions will take place in every episode, but it makes me more comfortable to know that there are no issues off limits.

    1. Gotta say after you guys mentioned Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I checked it out and am now thoroughly hooked. Thanks for the recommendation guys!

  4. Henry, could you recommend a few books with East Asian protagonists?
    As much as I appreciate token characters and Bruce Lee homages, I’m always interested in reading something in this medium driven by someone of a similar racial heritage to me.

    1. Hmm, a difficult question unless you’re talking about manga.

      The biggest superheroes I can think of in Marvel and DC are Iron Fist (Marvel, kinda Bruce Lee-y) and Katana (DC).

      Katana had her own book for a while in the New 52 but she also has recent major roles in New 52 Birds of Prey, Green Arrow and Justice League of America/United, and was the main female character in the Beware The Batman animated series. Oh, and she’s slowly becoming a major character on the Arrow TV series too, played by Rila Fukushima who was also the female lead in The Wolverine.

      Anyone else got anything outside of Marvel and DC?

  5. As a TV show suggestion for Chris, did you catch the Fargo tv show last year? I recently finished it and really enjoyed it.

    1. Oh and always meant to say thank you to Chris for recommending Six Gun Gorilla! I loved that book so much, did not expect it to be so emotional considering the premise and title. It works so well as a contained piece, at first I wanted more but as I let the finale sink in I was happy to leave it there.

      Recommend to anyone else who hasn’t read it.

  6. jesus, I just don’t get that argument. why do I need all my entertainment to be populated by people who look like me? I don’t read comics, and watch movies, and play video games because I want to project myself I to all those situations. I want to enjoy a story, starting someone interesting. I live my life as myself every day of the year, why would I then go and entertain myself with something similar?

    Fem Shep all day. Female Inquisitor while we’re at it. bring on the diversity. idiots

  7. I really liked the new Howard the Duck. I was concerned that without original creator Steve Gerber it wouldn’t work, but they actually nailed the tone perfectly. It fits in just fine with the 70s run (as well as the brief early 2000s run).

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