Together At Last: Notorious B.I.G and Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs

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We’ve all talked about it for years, but somebody finally did it…


Biggie Smalls and Earl Sinclair. Two of our culture’s finest artistic contributors stripped from the world far too soon. As if I needed to remind you, Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs was canceled in 1994 due to incredibly high production costs, and I believe Biggie retired.


Thankfully, YouTuber Benjamin Roberts can sees through the bullshit, far into a continuum where both creative forces not only still exist, they come together in perfect harmony. GOTTA LOVE THIS:

Yes, that small explosion you just heard is the thermometer that measures your morale to go on living and you’re welcome. If loving rapping Muppets is wrong, then goddammit, I don’t wanna be right. But I’ll let Tony explain…

Thanks to Zach Whalen for bringing this godsend to our attention.

8 thoughts on “Together At Last: Notorious B.I.G and Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs

  1. Oh god. I completely had forgotten that I loved this damned show when I was a kid.
    This video was puzzlingly cathartic…

  2. The amount of older children’s entertainment that fits with hip hop and rap is staggering sometimes… the internet and Youtube existing for the pursuit of this fact.

  3. Do not watch first thing in the morning. You will not be able to think of anything else the rest of the day. Amazing.

  4. This may be the greatest thing I have ever seen! Always thought they were somehow related to family matters and hopped they would tie them together by the final season. They just always reminded me of a prehistoric Winslow family lol.

  5. Imagine before computer editing and the internet what you’d have to do to get this done. My brother edits for a living or something and I showed him this and that was his thought. You’d have to get many tapes of Dinosaurs, go to an editing bay and edit that shit. And then how would you get it out there before the internet.

  6. Wow, that was awesome. I remember watching a lot of this on VHS tapes back when I was a kid. A lot f the clips in this video are from “The Mating Dance.” I’ve seen the episode so many times it’s totally burned into my brain. Still love the line “Earl Sinclair, I’LL TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF AND BOWL WITH IT!!”

  7. Good stuff Chris. Watched that show everyday when I got home from school as a kid. Something about Earl Sinclair cursing profusely is just beautiful.

  8. This was insane. I can’t believe this show was on prime time. Good christ, those were strange times. After hearing about how crappily tranformers and He-man have aged, I really don’t want to watch Dinosaurs any time soon. I have to many fond memories of this show.

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