Vidjagame Apocalypse 103 – Metroidvanias with Chris Watters


GameSpot’s Chris Watters joins us this week to help us talk about our five favorite Metroidvanias (or Castletroids, if you’re the type to worry about infringing on trademarks), but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Part 2 launches into a look at Ori and the Blind Forest and Hotline Miami 2, followed by cool things witnessed at GDC and PAX East, and your embarrassing convention stories (bolstered with a few more of our own, as well as a strangely impassioned argument over the correct orientation of ass gaskets).

Question of the Week

What would be your dream VR demo or experience?



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31 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 103 – Metroidvanias with Chris Watters

  1. Full disclosure, I haven’t finished Hotline Miami 2 yet (I’ve hit a wall towards the end) and I could be giving it too much credit in the analysis department. That said I always felt that it was a commentary on the accepted violence in popular culture. In all reality the only character with any redeeming qualities is the writer/reporter. And as it was already pointed out, he is the only character who doesn’t kill anyone (I mean, you can kill people, but it’s not within your best interest). When he disarms and unloads guns you get the normal takedown points in addition to the takedown points you already received for taking down the person you just disarmed. So in a game that is super arcadey (i.e. points are everything) you have the ability to double those points. Which makes the action of Batmaning everyone meaningful in a game where extreme violence is the only acceptable course of action.

    As far as the rape thing goes, I am a little disappointed that it was even included if they weren’t going to do anything with it from a social commentary standpoint. I am all for something that makes the player uncomfortable (because, let’s face it, that’s how we get awareness of the issue) but only if it has a purpose. Again I haven’t finished the game yet, but the PC Gamer review makes it sound like it is never brought up again.

    1. Hmmm… I just went through his first mission, and I punched the skin off a dudes face, then went rampaging through the level Merc’n everyone. Should I be replaying that level, because I’ll be missing something later?

      The yes/no question is on sexual violence is a reaction to Australia’s ban of the game without the scene taken out, they just gave everyone else option.

      1. Pretty sure you’re not going to miss anything later. I mean you really have to work at killing people during this guy’s levels anyway. You have to get him to go into “rage mode” and when that happens he takes his jacket off and will start using guns/curb stomp people. So unless that happened chances are those guys you took out were still alive. That’s sort of why I love his levels so much. From a gameplay standpoint it’s really not within your best interest to go into rage mode since the first two kills that are needed leave you vulnerable for way too long.

        I knew about the whole Australia thing, I just figured that they would actually make some sort of commentary on sexual violence. All that controversy really could have been avoided since it was a pointless scene to begin with.

  2. Ahhh… My favorite genre in gaming :3

    This is bound to be interesting! let’s do this!

    Even if I’m almost positive that you guys are going to choose Symphony of the Night as the best representative of Castlevania for the series, which is the obvious, but not quite correct choice. Dawn of Sorrow and/or Portrait of Ruin are both better games in terms of graphical, level and enemy design, and also offer a much greater challenge. Not to mention that the extra modes in either games are so much more fun and fleshed out. Julius Mode anyone?

    SotN was definitely the one that started it all, but in hindsight, it was very imperfect. Specially because it had a TON of items and attacks that made the game way too easy. Heck, you could argue that it’s probably the easiest Castlevania game ever made.

  3. Ok what the hell is going on in the background noise of this episode? Is it like a secret sound special?

    1. Audacity crashed while I was in the final stages of editing, and it created a lot of audio glitches, replacing chunks of the music tracks with random bits of dialogue. No idea why, but I think I’ve fixed it and am about to upload a new version in the next 15 minutes. Let me know if you hear anything else suspect.

  4. Maybe it’s my iplayer, but it sounds like another episode is overlapping the background. Is anyone else hearing this?

  5. I would love a VR experience that is about walking in the worlds of different comic book universes. Wanna explore Asgard in either the comics or the MCU? No problem. Wanna explore Man of Steel’s or the comic cook interpretation of Krypton? You’ve got it. Wanna be in Gotham, New York during the events of the first Avengers film, explore a Hydra base, and so on? Basically what I’m saying is, it would be nice to have a means of exploring these locales in a surreal and magical way, and who wouldn’t to explore these areas in depth?

  6. What the heck is going on with what sounds like a whole other episode playing in the background? Makes it real difficult to listen to when it sounds like there are two different discussions at the same time.

    Are you trying to brainwash us?

  7. thanks for talking about Super Metroid, it’s my favourite game of all time and always will be. I play through it at least once a year. been having Metroid Mondays with a buddy. thought we could get through the game in one sitting but Maridia put a stop to that shit right quick.

  8. Getting Danny O’Dwyer and Michael Grimm on a sequel to the all Ireland episode of Lasertime would be topps.

  9. QOTW answer

    My dream VR would pretty much be Space Engine plus random encounters with Aliens and Lovecraftian Cosmic Horrors.

    Imagine, flying thru Space, when a massive Something picks up on your radar and you have to choose to give in to curiosity or warp the F outta there. Neat.

    Maybe you go and get swallowed up, only to find inside that Thing, there’s a whole new Universe to fly around…still pretty fucking Neat.

  10. great episode. Chris fit in with the show so well, hope you have him back. and Anne, there was a 2D version of the 1 v 4 slasher game you described, but Paramount sued the kickstarter project out of existence, because it too closely resembled Froday the 13th. hopefully that means they’re working on a game of their own. but I doubt it sounded so cool, as the killer you could only walk fast when no one was looking. Ah! it would have been great.

    1. My problem with it is that it’s a really sloppy portmanteau.

      The fact that they just used the entire word Metroid and slapped vania on the end is just poorly done. You’re supposed to combine worlds by shortening both.

      At the very least, it should be Metrovania.

      1. The problem with “Metrovania” is that “Metro” is a pretty damn common word and would be harder for most to instantly understand what “Metrovania” is supposed to mean.

        “Metroid” however, is unique and unmistakable, just like in “Castlevania” the part that truly stands as unique is “Vania”. As such, “Metroidvania” is unmistakable in it’s intended meaning, even if it isn’t the classiest of terms.

  11. Wow, thank you for talking about Speaker for the Dead.
    It’s my favorite novel, I bring up it’s message whenever I get the chance. Thank you!

  12. Dream VR ? Either a member of a WW1 tank crew to experience the claustrophobic bullet magnet or, a spaceman. Doing space stuff. In space. Lasers are optional! Excuse my lack of eloquence.

    Also as an Irish listener I have to say, you have us bang on. Pop up shops littered the streets of Limerick selling Ecstasy and LSD. It. Was. Awesome.

  13. I would like to experience the p.t. demo in vr. It very atmospheric and all you do in it is walk and look at stuff. By the way Chris need to stream that

  14. Jesus, over 2 hours again? Thank you! Love knowing that my long car rides are always filled with the Lasertime network.

    Meanwhile, Dammit Chris! I am only 1/2 way through and you have been wrong 3 times.

    I forget the first one.. but i remember the following.

    Guacamelee did come for wii U.

    They Soldered fight sticks not welded.

    You’re better than this. Shape up buddy boy.

    Laughed hard at the secret chinese spot that makes people piss everywhere. So you’re redeemed.

    Great episode guys. Will likely finish it on my drive tomorrow. No worries, always listen to all of your casts. Stop acting like noone is listening to the breaks and secret sounds. I listen to everything. Great cast for living in an area where you must drive 10 minutes to get anywhere.

  15. My favorite VR experience would be some super over the top anime bukkake of awesome. my fav game ever is Asura’s wrath. So just having something on that level OMGWTFBBQ of hype just happening in front of my eyes would let me die a happy man.

  16. I would really love to be able to experience scenes from movies and TV in vr. It would be incredible to be able walk around and look at objects in the room while characters are interacting, but also you could also switch on their awareness of you, and thenyou can veer offthe plot to have awesome adventures!

  17. Although, I’m am adamantly apposed to VR for my own self use due to having become violently sick after trying VR on three different occasions, I would sprint to the VR console store if I could experience Forza Motorsport 5’s Autovista feature narrated by Jerremy Clarkson of British Top Gear. As a gear head, lover of most all racing games and enjoyer of British accents it would be a dream come true to come so close to actually touching a 1.2 million dollar Mclaren P1 while each investigation of a different part of the car would yield hilarious and sardonic comments from one of my favorite British voices in automotives.

  18. Also, I really enjoy you guys. If I ever see any of you I will do my best to muster up courage to say hi to you and tell you how much I enjoy Lasertime, VG Apocalypse and each of you as individuals. Lasertime and VGA are in my top 5 of favorite podcasts, which is great considering I listen to 40 total podcasts; 22 video game podcasts specifically.

    Now I don’t have any stories about how you guys helped me kept my marriage together or kept me from killing myself but you guys of entertain me and make me laugh every week, which is special to me because comedy shows and comedy podcasts don’t usually make me laugh.

    Thank you all for the hours upon hours of entertainment and laughter you have given me.

    1. Now I don’t have any stories about how you guys helped me keep my marriage together or kept me from killing myself but you guys have entertained me and made me laugh every week, which is special to me because I listen to a lot comedy shows and comedy podcasts that don’t usually make me laugh and are,in theory, designed to make me laugh. On top of that, I listen to many video game podcasts but few of them have the kind of chemistry and hilarity of view points you all do..

      Everyone has probably said it at one point but I will say it now. I don’t consider a week 100% enjoyed or successful without hearing Lasertime or Vidjagame Apocalypse.

      On a final side note. The first two comments that I posted were written at around 2:30 AM which is why they sound like they were written by a drunk gorilla.

  19. I’m kind of scared to try Hotline Miami 2. I played the crap out of the first one and while it wasn’t always fair, you could get around most of the unfair mechanics. From the sounds of the reviews, there is a lot of shooting coming at you from off screen and it’s more memorization rather than adapting to the situation at hand. Oh well, maybe I’ll give it a try if it is on PS+ at some point in the future.

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