These beautiful Batman iOS wallpapers are all yours


Glorious Bat-based beauty, optimized to fill your smartphones/tablets with The Darkest of Knights…

I figured in honor of us talking with Louis Pietzman about Gotham on this week’s Laser Time and/or expressing shock at Joker’s possible immortality in Endgame on Cape Crisis, why not toss up a bunch of Batman iOS wallpapers for your guys to enjoy. Optimized for iPhones and iPads of all models, retina screens, parallax shifts and all! Of course, they’ll probably work fine on just about any smartphone, I just don’t have anything else so it’s up to your ass to verify that. Hey, at least they’re free. Nintendo charges for shit like this!

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I’ve been making theses things for myself for about three years, so I periodically share them with folks. Feel free to make any requests you’d like ’cause I’ve got a ton of these. And if Batman ain’t your thing (what the hell is wrong with you?!) feel free to pursue our other smartphone tablet galleries featuring Superman, Spider-man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America, or click here to browse ALL of our Comic Book Wallpapers



9 thoughts on “These beautiful Batman iOS wallpapers are all yours

  1. I love these wallpaper dump articles, Chris! Definitely gonna use one of these since I’ve been reading a bunch of new Bat books lately.

  2. If I can make a request, I would love some wallpapers made involving the symbiotes. Maybe not foot long tongue Venom, but definitely Carnage post-birth.

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