Laser Time – The Weirdest Final Seasons

Television’s got no shortage of great goodbyes, but what about those shows that spent their last year deviating wildly? Get ready for time jumps, dream sequences, and repiloting aplenty…

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6 Do’s and Dont’s for Ghostbusters 3

Hey, did you hear? Ghostbusters 3 will have an all-female cast…. or maybe just Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt. My initial reaction was, “Ghostbusters 3? I’m in.” I wouldn’t care if the cast were a group of cats wearing Ghostbusters… Read more

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Veronica Venom: Chapter 3

The Duke Nukem series is all about being a crude action hero, but the terrible things that happen to women are shocking. “Get our babes back” was the motto at one point. But what if one of these damsels in… Read more

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