Agents of SHIELD “One Of Us“ Review

Agents of Shield, episode, review, Season 2, MCU, Marvel, One of Us, Laser Time

We finally have a super villain team! They’re not quite the Masters of Evil, but they’re something!

Cal provided great antics (as per usual) as he strung together this rag-tag team of misfits — I laughed at the diner scene, as it mirrors the Avengers shawarma scene. Overall, the team was fun, but they ended up not really living up to their threat potential due to some logic gaps.

For example, the screamer could have taken out Coulson and his entire team instantly, yet he was the first to go down. I mean, he was watching the group in the stadium for a good amount of time and staying silent. Really, how useful is that guy in a group situation? He uses his ability once, and both his enemies and his own team go down. The writers didn’t put much thought into using him in action, but instead relied on the potential threat of his powers. And to the woman with the finger blades: how are those permanent? I feel like SHIELD could have surgically removed those instead of banishing her with a super awkward metal gauntlet. Also, why was she on the Index to begin with? The idea of the group was great, but it could have been much more.

Agents of Shield, episode, review, Season 2, MCU, Marvel, One of Us, Laser Time

And why did Skye only sort of get her Daisy gloves?

Now let’s talk about that big stadium scene. Overall, I thought it was a weak finish to the episode, but it did have some great moments. Cal’s first interaction with Skye was awesome, and he’s right — it’s a shame she didn’t get wings. Our blind Inhuman coming back into play was a nice surprise too; I personally hope he ends up kidnapping Skye, that way we can really get an inside look at what he does. It was also nice to see Skye forced to confront her powers, because holding them back only broke her bones previously.

I may seem like I’m complaining a lot, but the best parts came before that stadium scene. For example, I really enjoyed all of the therapy sessions with Skye and newcomer Blaire Underwood. They were handled nicely, and none were on the nose, unlike the conversation between Coulson and Skye at the beginning of the episode).

Agents of Shield, episode, review, Season 2, MCU, Marvel, One of Us, Laser Time

We need more of him!

Hunter is still one of my favorite additions to the show. His attitude is awesome, and sometimes it’s almost as if the audience’s thoughts are being spoken through him — I laughed out loud at his “I take it all back!” directed at Bobbi. That being said, we finally learned whom Mack and Bobbi are working for! Sadly, it wasn’t close to any of the exciting fan theories like SWORD. Instead, we got “the real SHIELD,” whatever that means. I’m not immediately excited for this revelation, but I want to learn why they are in such a conflict with Coulson and company.

Fitz and Simmons didn’t get much to do this week, but we did get more tension between the two. Even with this tension, we saw a fleeting glimpse of their old relationship. I’m really hoping we get that dynamic back one day, because I really miss it. Fitz and Simmons have always been one of the strongest parts of the show.

This week’s episode was a fun one, with some good moments like Skye trying to learn how to cope with her powers. Clearly, she is going to have to get a handle on them really soon, or she will become a huge problem for the team.   While the super villains were enjoyable, logic gaps in the writing made them less than what they could have been, and their threat ended up making only a small impact. I’m interested to see what this “real SHIELD” is too. Also, where the hell has Ward been?

Article by contributor Russ Milheim.

6 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD “One Of Us“ Review

  1. Agreed with all of the points you made. The villains were somewhat disappointing, but they were not the focus of the show so I’ll forgive it. Cal was hilarious as always. I, like many other AoS fans were expecting SWORD and then when “the REAL SHIELD” was mentioned I was more confused than anything else.

    Nice to see Skye/Daisy get an early version of her gauntlets, I hope she goes full Quake by the end of the season.

    I’m glad to see the show going somewhere, rather than spinning its wheels like season one before Cap 2 was released. Even I don’t understand the direction, I’m still excited to follow the story each week.

    Thanks for your review!

  2. The villains in this episode really put me off of the whole thing. They were so goddamn silly to me and it just took me out of the whole episode for the leaps of logic mentioned in the article to looking like that typical “grounded comic book adaptation” look that feels like an unaware businessperson thought it up.
    It’s hard to watch The Flash on the same night where they’re hitting it out of the park with how they’re representing a comic universe to watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  3. I did like the episode, but yeah the fact that the screamer didn’t just kill them all immediately was weird, as was the CGI in the deus ex machina with Cal getting taken away by the Inhuman. Very curious to see what the hell the “Real SHIELD” is though.

  4. The idea of the super villain team could’ve been so much more, but the abilities of the villians (except the catatonic scream guy, who was taken down immediately) were pretty lame and uninspired. I get that they weren’t the focus of the eepisode, but like come on man metal finger nails, a hacker and a generic strong guy? Other than that I enjoyed the therapy sessions and learning a bit more about May’s back story. The most interesting part of the episode was the bit about Calvin “making too much noise “. I want to learn more about the blind inhuman.

  5. Pretty spot on review, I think the worst part about the villain team wasn’t just that their powers were uninspired, but that they were trying to play them up as more dangerous than they really were. That entire intro scenes with the iron gauntlets made me go “… That’s seriously it?” When they revealed the scalpel fingernails.

    I think this is the first episode that felt “filler” ish in this second half of the season. The most exciting things that happened were essentially teases for what’s to come, and both were things we already knew they were coming.

    May’s ex was fun, but it’s kinda hard to care when they made it very clear he wouldn’t keep treating Skye and hanging around.

  6. Lee Press-on Nails of Doom!


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