Cape Crisis #129 – Old Man Yells At Cloud


Henry and Chris are joined by both Brett and Dave for this crowded house podcast, and we get into all the big news. Henry read a bunch of comics starring women, we explore the topics of the new costumes for some of comics greatest heroes, we check in on The Walking Dead, and discuss you answers to last week’s QOTW!


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Cape Crisis #129 Question: Any comic you once loved that now embarrasses you?

24 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #129 – Old Man Yells At Cloud

  1. The embedded player for this episode is playing the episode from last week. the download is fine though. Sorry you’ll see this late, I don’t have a twitter account I’m a hate filled hermit.

  2. Is there still no comic book service that allows customers to subscribe and download as many as possible? Maybe publishers are still trying to hold on to the old model because not many new readers are joining the industry.

    As someone who hadn’t read any of Powers before watching it, I enjoyed the first episode. I get that comic readers may have wanted to see the story play out like the comics, but sometimes writers sacrifice source material to get to meaty parts of the story. Perhaps the writers realized that exploring Diamond’s backstory wasn’t worth the time and they jumpstarted the plot to where it is going faster.

    1. Image comics. If you buy directly from their shop on the site you can download the digital issues as much as you want for however long in a couple of different formats. It seriously the only way I buy my image comics. Directly from the source.

  3. I dunno I think there’s plenty of value to you guys talking about issues like the fallout around Erik Larsen. As an artist, I’ve always been kind of fond of his cartoony style but I didn’t find a problem with Wonder Woman’s new outfit or most of the new redesigns. But yep, he’s just an old school jack Kirby era comic artist and he’s been on plenty of podcasts like Stuff Said with Greg Sheigel where he admits he’s a dinosaur and not really moving as many comics as he was at the height of the original image explosion. Times change, make way for new readers and new creators if you can’t adapt. And yep like Chris said as an artist he should be able to adapt and be able to keep up with the new demands of a slightly new audience. But still maintain some part of his Larsen voice. its hard to do when you’ve been working as long as he has, he’s comfortable and he makes a living. Things are probably changing too fast for him but he just stopped paying attention because this has been coming forward for a very long time.

  4. My most embrassing comic from the past was a four issue mini series starring NHL superstar Brett Hull. I am pretty sure ended up in space playing hockey against aliens with the fate of Earth on the line. I think it was exclusively sold in St. Louis area McDonalds but it had a holographic sticker on the cover which was ultimate seal of quality for me in the early 90’s.

  5. You know, for a brooding superhero Cavill sure has a very, very Superman pose in that sole Bat v Supes image…

    …But yeah, I totally agree that they shouldn’t all be “darker” types. I just don’t think it’s fair to judge the characters because they feature Gotham city, a bronze “warrior” color palette or a dark background to emphasize a “badass” version of Aquaman.

    I’m sorry Henry! Half the times I post here are defending the movie but regardless, Cape Crisis is still my fav LT show so there’s that 😛

  6. Holy crap, a four person Cape Crisis?! Been a while, but I’m sure this’ll be awesome (not that the Henry-Chris eps aren’t).

  7. So…who is responsible for hating on Chris and causing him to explode with anger over comic issues?

    Cause honestly it’s starting to get a little hard to enjoy the episodes with these escalating rants Chris has about how everyone is wrong for complaining. I love ya Chris and I understand you exaggerate a bit for comedic sake but it’s starting to wear thin I feel.

    1. Also just want to say I want this to come off as just my two cents, from a weekly listener. I do enjoy the show and I like hearing the opinion you dudes have over these events.

    2. No, that’s fine, and you’re probably right. My frustration came from trying to find what Larsen said, yet all the top Google results link to opinions based on what he said with no real context from what was said in the first place. First world problems and all, but I had to dig a little more than expected through a ton of what was SAID ABOUT IT to find out exactly WHAT WAS ACTUALLY SAID. Annoying, and yeah, that concerns me a little bit because it prioritizes kneejerk responses over the actual issue.

      Another aspect is from the perspective of a content creator. I’m a content creator, and so are the people frothing at the mouth to write thinkpieces, but let’s not forget that Larsen is a superior content creator. Like Platinum Level. Coming solely from his own fingertips and imagination , what he does is much harder, fewer people can do it, so IMO what he has to say on the nature of comics is far more important and inherently more interesting than those who write about liking comics. Whether you agree with him or not (which I don’t BTW) his work is all the evidence you need to know exactly how he feels about the subject, and furthermore, it’s not even a particularly evil opinion to have. I don’t read his work anymore, possibly due to the very opinions he expressed, but I admire that he continues to do what he does and that small corners of the comic-lovin’ universe continue to enjoy it too. I think that’s beautiful. The articles and opinions I saw seemed to state that he is ruinously wrong, his work is without merit, and he needs to be chased off the internet for expressing an opinion. I think that’s gross, and it fucks with the beautiful line between artist and audience the internet has blurred into near nonexistence.

  8. I kinda feel like the Batgirl cover issue is more of the sensitive left handcuffing creatives, it’s okay for you to be offended it’s also ok for me to not care and create/enjoy what I want. For a group that hates “bullying” you can really “bully” non agreers by implying that they’re bigots for not sharing your sensitivity. Joker is a character that beat a kid with a crowbar and brutalized Alfred in the most recent Batman issue but Liberals complained a creator’s cover away because “it was offensive” even though the creator had no malice. I’m a progressive moderate and my conservative views are mainly towards fiance but I’m a little tired of liberals crying about what offends them. It stifles creators and puts them in serious focus group mode and it creates a “this again” feeling in the many of us(non bigots) who look at the color blue, see the color blue and move on. I understand reading into things and not liking things but if your were the non malicious creator how would you feel if adults cut your creations down just because it “hurt their feelings”. There’s nothing wrong with saying “IDK if you’re offended I’m doing it anyway, so don’t buy it if you don’t like it” you can have that feeling and not have a drop of hatred in your heart. Let creators create is all I’m saying and don’t shame people into cow towing to your world view when you know they aren’t intentionally malicious.

    1. Also b4 anyone gets on my case and calls me an insensitive Republican know 1) I’m a left leaning moderate I just hate the whining of Liberals B) have a gay sister who suffered for coming out to my parent and C) I myself identify as bi-sexual and have only really been in relationships with men so I understand the liberal world I just feel like you gotta role with the punches and this liberal crying and shaming is getting obnoxious.

    2. So, if you like having a creator’s voice heard, then the cover being pulled should make you happy. Cameron Stewart, writer and artist on Batgirl, said it should never been a cover for th book, and that Team Batgirl didn’t approve it. They felt it was against the current creative direction of the book.

  9. I’m behind the no shame in what you like train. The most embarrassing comics I have liked are boof (the alien cave man marooned on earth with a spawn-loving ten year old) and the Mary Jame comic which is about as close to a by-stander comic as you can get. Mary Jane is in highschool dealing with friend/boyfriend drama and spider-man is in the background. It was adorable.

  10. I hope this will be noticed, even though I didn’t post it in the forums. This is easier to do when I’m using a cell phone.

    As for the QOTW: My feminist sensibilities want to say I’m embarrassed of having once loved Ai Yori Aoshi, a relentlessly sexist manga. But I wasn’t so much of a kid then.

    My answer therefore has to be Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. I think anyone who ever wore Tripp-brand pants (or Lip Service if that was your thing) read Johnny, and really got off on the wish fulfillment nature of it. The guy, if memory serves, is crazy, and able to kill anyone he pleases without repercussion. We then find out there’s something nuts living in his basement. At one point he dies and goes to Heaven, finds out he can do anything, and starts using “head-explodey” to blow up other angels’ heads. And for a 15 year old, it is a great deal of fun. But looking back on it as an adult, it’s hard to defend as any kind of valuable or high art. Don’t get me wrong, if I have a teenaged son with too much intellect and too few social graces, I’ll probably slip him a copy, say, “you know, I used to love this when I was your age.” But I think that’s about the only time in anyone’s life that JTHM matters. For years, Vasquez said he would get around to doing a sequel, but I think he wrote himself into a corner or otherwise wrote a subject matter that at some point stopped resonating with him, and so on top of being fairly shallow, it’s also an incomplete and never-to-be-completed story about a guy who kills people for fun. And it’s just something I never draw attention to when people are glossing over my bookshelf.

  11. Alright, my answer to question of the week has a connection to your recent commentary pack. When I was 14-just entering puberty, I was into the film Cool World at the time. Way, way into it. I thought it was like one of those great, underrated movies at the time and so much so I managed to get the four issue prequel comic and the comic book adaptation of the film.

    I thought they were pretty good. And now…I’m pretty embarrassed. I mean I liked one joke, the visual gag of “Word on the Street” but that’s about it. And given my mom did buy the comics and gave me the movie as a Christmas gift, I feel like I should apologize.

  12. Just throwing in my thoughts on the Larsen conversation you guys had, I really enjoy listening to the discussions on this type of topic as I don’t always get all the details from what I read on the internet. It’s also good to hear differing opinions on the subject.

    That being said, I have to agree with Chris more on this one. I don’t agree with what Larsen said either but I do think that the whole internet mob thing is going too far. Any time anyone in the limelight presents an opinion that the majority of a fanbase disagree with, the general consensus is to bully them off the internet/throw a tantrum until they get their way. It’s not like most people respond with a decent response with rational reasoning, instead it’s just hate.

    Going back to the Batgirl cover, as far as I read, the artist requested it be pulled because they weren’t happy with the threats people were receiving just for disliking it. It works both ways, as soon as anything splits a fanbase down the middle there’s all out war.

    At the end of the day, if you don’t like something, don’t buy it. I don’t like that the audience can have such an impact on it by throwing insults and hate towards creators.

  13. Even though things got a little heated I really enjoyed the Erik Larsen discussion, it’s cool to hear you guys talk about controversial topics like this. I don’t really have much of a stake in this discussion as I rarely read superhero comics, but Larsen’s opinions do come across as very dated. That being said I wonder if he has a point about the “vocal minority”. How many of the people that complain about superhero costumes actually read comics or are interested in them at all? Also agree with Chris that he was probably treated to harshly on Twitter. Bullying is still wrong no matter who it comes from.
    Anyway keep up the good work guys! This podcast has helped me get into comics, currently reading the Star Wars books, and picked up Chrononauts this week!

  14. I forget who is the Transformer fan, I think it’s Brett, but I just want to reiterate how awesome the IDW Transformer books are. I just started reading them as well and I would advise you pick up the “Death of Optimus Prime” and continue from there. It basically sets the status quo back to how it is at the end of the cartoon (before season 4) more or less. It’s similar enough where you can read it and know what’s going on. Then later you can fill in the gaps if you want, but they do a fantastic job doing that within the story itself.

    The series is split after the “Death of Optimus”. “More than Meets the Eye” is the one to read in my opinion. It has Rodimus commanding a starship “Star Trek” style and is just excellent. The writing and stories are top notch, there is good comedy and high stakes situations. Most of the characters have major character flaws that make them more endearing. Easy to hate and love at the same time.

    “Robots in Disguise” is about the Autobots and Decepticons that stay on Cybertron and it features more of the popular characters like Starscream, Bumbleebee, Ironhide, etc. It is also really good, but not quite the level as MtMtE.

    I’m a big Transformer fan, but I haven’t followed any of the fictional universes since Beast Wars. Or I should say, I’ve tried getting into other Transformer properties, but this is the first time one has grabbed me, SINCE Beast Wars. Just to give you an idea where I’m coming from.

  15. way back in the day when bionicle was lego’s new hot thing, lego magazine used to come with a separately printed and binded comic about the characters’ in-universe stories, with an established continuity between issues and i remember there being a new series for every line that came out, though i only stayed subscribed to the (free) magazine for two or three years after they started the comic. the writing was probably nothing special at all, but the art was nothing to scoff at (though it wouldn’t hold up against anything any of us would buy on purpose i suppose) and it was a cool counterpart to the otherwise context-less toys. they had proper covers and everything. i think they actually might have officially been put out by DC.

    1. Damn I completely forgot about those! I remember enjoying them for quite awhile until the story got really convoluted. Pretty sure I got rid of them years ago and I have a feeling it’s the type of thing that will never be reprinted or published electronically…

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