Out of nowhere, it’s the Mission Impossible 5 trailer


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is the latest Ethan Hunt adventure you never asked for…

How do these keep getting made? More importantly, how do they keep getting better? The simple answer is Tom Cruise owns a significant piece of the M:I film property. Whatever paper he signed back in the mid-nineties, it’s financially in his best interest to keep Mission: Impossible moving along, and he tends to use his considerable clout to persuade directors who normally wouldn’t be caught dead next to a Hollywood adaptation of a 1960s TV show to climb aboard. What do Brian De Palma, John Woo, JJ Abrams, and Brad Bird (directing his first ever movie that’s not a cartoon!) have in common? Cruise has somewhat miraculously talked them all into lending their talents to a movie franchise the world never asks for more of, but continues to see anyway. This time it’s Christopher McQuarrie’s turn to helm, and although his resume may look less impressive than M:I’s previous helmers (writer of Usual Suspects, director of Way of the Gun and Jack Reacher) damned if the result doesn’t look every bit as intriguing.

Like most of you, I can’t say really I love the Mission: Impossible series, yet despite no one ever asking for another round of Ethan Hunt espionage, our mild curiosity has generally been rewarded. Like Fast and the Furious, Mission: Impossible is a series the movie-going public has passively allowed to get better as it movies into its second decade of existence, and the evolution has been nothing short of fascinating. The first movie was pretty loud and unremarkable, yet built the groundwork for fairly clever, better-than-Bond gadgetry and copious backstabbery.


The second film solidified that the series might be better off trading in practical stunts and effects, and more importantly proved Cruise’s willingness to commit to them 1000%. The third movie became far more grounded in characters and built a greater universe surrounding Hunt, instead of behaving like an anthology series where only Crusie is the constant. All of this gelled into Ghost Protocol, the fourth film, where they finally assembled all the proper components of a modern franchise and it is really a shitload of fun. I can’t think of any other film series we waited for this patiently to come around, but Ghost Protocol, fifteen years after the first film, was literally the first time I said to myself, “Yeah, I could definitely watch more of these.” I don’t care about the plot of Rogue Nation, which is barely hinted at in the trailer (plus I’m sure it will gleefully unravel our expectations in the first twenty minutes.) That doesn’t matter anymore… because they had me with Tom Cruise hanging of the side of fucking a plane. And you know he’s really doing it too, because the shot’s not all that remarkable otherwise. Shoulda called Chris Nolan, Tommy!

7 thoughts on “Out of nowhere, it’s the Mission Impossible 5 trailer

  1. Honestly I’m a fan of the movie franchise and I’m glad Cruise seems to take his time with each movie and that they’re all pretty decent in their own ways, though Ghost Protocol was legitimately great. This trailer wasn’t all that special, but I’ll be checking the movie out this summer without a doubt.

    1. Well, it is just a teaser. And while I certainly don’t hate the films, but IMO, only MI4 has ever justified it’s continued existence. Ghost Prot 4 LIFE!

  2. Am I the only one that didn’t find ghost protocol inany way impressive? It wasn’t terrible, but amidst the sea of action flicks and spy thrillers, it felt pretty “meh” to me.

    And the villain was super bland too, specially when compared to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s villain in the third movie.

    So, as it stands, I don’t really think I’ll be giving this new one a try, unless there is nothing else to do ay the time.

  3. The plane shot at the end had me going fucking bananas! The next movie, Tom Cruise is going to be running vertically up a rocket silo as it lifts off into orbit!

  4. As a die hard fan of this series I am excited for this next Installment and surprised I had not heard about it till now and its only 4 months away? Love to debate why parts two and three are the best and Ghost Protocol was good but sorely needed Ving Rhames. PS my God is Tom a genetic freak still looking swole in his fifties!

  5. I’m with you Chris in that I never really cared for the series until Ghost Protocol. I think the original’s fine, the second is a bloated and overstylized mess, the third has some fun but is bogged down by a needless refusal to explain the basic stakes (they literally never say what the MacGuffin does), but four is a rock-solid spy action movie with the kind of gonzo practical stunts all action movies should exist to deliver. Cruise risking his life for our entertainment = pure cinema.
    I should note that Christopher McQuarrie’s best work is probably co-writing Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat/All You Need is Kill/one of the best blockbusters in years. Obviously writing skills don’t necessarily translate to directing but given that most franchise movies are pretty producer controlled anyway I’m remaining excited.

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