Guess the Game Commercial: Connected City


HINT: Throw cans at the cops or the cat will kill ya!

STOP SCROLLING: In Guess the Game Commercial, we invite you to guess which game is being advertised based solely on a single out-of-context screen grab. The video below will feature a retro game commercial and followed by a short sizzle of our own making with the game in question. Scroll no further than the video below unless you’re stumped and ready to spoil the answer for yourself…

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ANSWER: CITY CONNECTION [Arcade, NES, etc. | 1985, 1988]


Another Japanese Game Commercial. My apologies, xenophobes! Ah, City Connection…


How much do I love this game? Actually, about half as much as I like this commercial right now. I mean, I’ve played this game to death. Loved it as a kid, loved it as an adult. Other than Monster Hunter 4, it’s the only game I’ve purchased twice on both my North American and Japanese 3DS. So with all that said, I’ve long since stopped questioning the premise, or canon, of City Connection. YES: You’re a dude (in the US version, I know) driving a bouncing car, outrunning cops and one evil fucking cat, in order to complete six looping levels by painting roads white in front of global landmarks, up to three of which are floating in the air for whatever reason.

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This fucking asshole right here

Not that it matters, but no, it’s never made much sense to me. That is… until I saw that glorious sixteen seconds of animation in the video above and it really all came together! I have no idea why, but seeing it in cartoon form made everything involved with City Connection seem completely logical, up to and including dumping dozens of hours into it in 2015 while your Xbox One collects dust. It’s available officially in the 3DS eShop, which is only bizarre once you consider that not a lot of seemingly more worthy games also published by Jaleco (Jaleco) are. That right there was a reference to the video above, which I’ll bet most of you reading this haven’t even watched. And speaking of unwatched videos, not only have I extolled on the virtues of Japan and it’s unwavering commitment to animation before, I’ll also bet even fewer of you know that City Connection’s “death jingle” appears in the ident of almost all of Laser Time’s exclusive vids on YouTube. Whatever, I like it. And I like making these videos, so don’t bother asking me to stop!

Uh, can anyone confirm the Free Wilson Sports Poster? I got this used.


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5 thoughts on “Guess the Game Commercial: Connected City

  1. That guy in the title screen has the douchiest pose and face I’ve ever seen… In a title screen at least. Thanks for reminding me of this one Chris. It actually looks really fun and I’m always up for Bombjack-style games. I love that little turning around animation and also love the 80’s anime in that commercial 😛

  2. That’s a “Wilson” sports poster. Do you know how many commercials we could be forced to watch if they were all short like Japanese commercials, instead of being a minute long like American commercials?

  3. For all the things we learned from other countries, why couldn’t the 5 second commercial be one of them? That would’ve made tv watching actually bearable.

  4. I owned this game for the NES when it was new and I still don’t really know why I decided to buy it, but it’s way more fun than it has any right to be.

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