Have Some Deadpool iOS Wallpapers To Go with Your First Look at Wade’s Movie Wardrobe


Deadpool’s movie costume has been revealed, and I think that’s worthy of a potential spot on your smartphone home screen…

Once again, a a big news story came in moments after Cape Crisis (Laser Time’s weekly comic book podcast in case you didn’t know) was in the can and it’s a bit of a doozy. One of my favorite Marvel characters of all-time, starring in his own movie, which I become less skeptical about every day. Ladies, and gentlemen… This is Deadpool.

burt reynolds nude

WHOOPS. So sorry, wrong Reynolds folder. DEADPOOL, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN:

deadpool movie costume
But seriously, vicious props for the reference, Deadpool people!

I’ve gotten so used to being angry about the X-Men mutants being left out of my ideal Marvel Cinematic Universe, I forget that Fox has seemingly stepped up its game, and Deadpool’s come a long way since Ryan Reynolds first atrocious appearance in Wolverine: Origins. Remember that “leaked” Deadpool test footage from a few months back? MUCH BETTER!

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Shit, I’m ranting and completely off track! If you don’t know what we do here, I’ve been making myself high-res iOS wallpapers for years, optimizing them for my iPhone and iPad as best I can. Periodically I’ll share them with like-minded Laser Timers, and yes, they’ll probably work on any smartphone or tablet, I just don’t have one to prove it. I’ve got a ton of Deadpool, but if he’s not your thing, here’s dozens of others featuring Spider-man, Batman, Superman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and most recently, STAR WARS!

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3 thoughts on “Have Some Deadpool iOS Wallpapers To Go with Your First Look at Wade’s Movie Wardrobe

  1. Haha, too bad it isn’t the first one, great costume choice that!

    Seriously though, so happy that this movie is getting made, hope they stick with that test footage style wackiness seemed perfect for Deadpool.

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