6 Reasons Brock Lesnar Is Re-Signing with the WWE

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Big news has hit the wrestling world, folks! The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE heavyweight World Champion… has decided to stick with the WWE a bit longer by signing a multi-year contract.

Announced on ESPN SportsCenter, Lesnar is officially done with UFC, but will continue with WWE. Without a doubt, this is great news for wrestling fans. Let’s take a look at how it all went down.

I really enjoyed the delivery here; it was treated like breaking news. Lesnar claimed it was a difficult decision, and that he has thought about it for a year. I would have never expected him to be thinking about it so soon, as he still had another year to go at that point, but I guess as he would have made the decision he would have to start training.

So, let’s break down some of the reasons for his re-signing!

Brock just wants to have fun.

Laser Time, WWE, Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, wrestling, UFC, MMA, signing

As he stated, Brock enjoys being with the company. For the few matches he’s had, he’s left quite an impression, making a statement on par or even stronger than the previous bout. In addition, the man can freakin’ sell — not just merchandise, but the feuds he’s involved in with other wrestlers.

He makes you believe (“bo-lieve,” even) that he is the most dominant ass-kicker in the company. This may come as a huge shock to some, as most of us thought that he just made his comeback for the big payday. Speaking of which…

The money is great.

Laser Time, WWE, Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, wrestling, UFC, MMA, signing

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the money. Lesnar’s made that abundantly clear with his lucrative contracts. from his first back in 2012 (estimated at $5 million, with limited dates) to his newest (speculated to be set for 3 years at $3 million a year). It’s said that Vince apparently signed him March 23rd, 2015, the day of RAW before WrestleMania 31, and Brock claimed that he couldn’t refuse.

I’d say he came out pretty good on this deal. It couldn’t have been better than what UFC was offering him, said to be 10 times more than what he was making previously, but sometimes money isn’t everything. The way I see it, why would you want to make millions having your face beaten pulp when you could make different millions in a “worked” fight?

There’s nothing more to gain from the UFC.

Laser Time, WWE, Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, wrestling, UFC, MMA, signing

As a pure pro wrestling nerd who loves nothing more than the theatrics that take place in the squared circle, nothing gave me a bigger shit-eating grin than seeing a former “fake wrestler” pummeling the ever-living crap out of legitimate, established MMA fighters in the height of the UFC’s mainstream popularity. It brought fans of the two sports together to indulge in the real-time fights that took place in the octagon. While he didn’t win every match, he’s already claimed his fame being the top champ. Diverticulitis prevented him from continuing to compete, and Brock decided to go with his gut feeling — pun intended — that it is a sign from a higher power.

He can prevent history from repeating itself.

Laser Time, WWE, Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, wrestling, UFC, MMA, signing

I’m referring to the lackluster semi-main event that was Lesnar vs Goldberg at WrestleMania 20. Man, was that rough. Both super stars were booed out of the building, as fans knew that it was the last match in the WWE for both men. It was a godsend having Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee to make a solid recovery toward the end to prevent a complete disaster. Watching that live, I was sorely disappointed in how it turned out, as were most fans. That being said, Lesnar’s looked to put over WrestleMania this year, saying he wants to be fair to the fans (i.e. Brock doesn’t want to get booed out of the building with Reigns).

He’s considering possible future match-ups.

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Just think about it: the match up possibilities are endless within the next three years. I’m having a serious nerd-gasm even as I type this. Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar in a submission match? Cesaro vs Lesnar for the title? Hell, my personal favorite would be him facing Ryback, a man who’s come such a long way and could give Lesnar a real run for his money. I think we’ve seen Brock break Cena enough times, so I think other guys down the line should take a crack at him. But I still see him knocking down all who come up against him, which brings me to…

He wants to beat the next streak…

…of CM Punk.

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The WWE is known to be extremely petty in erasing the history of people that they are not particularly fond of, and I’m sure they’d love nothing more than to end Punk’s title of the longest WWE champion of the modern era: 434 days. All Lesnar has to do is hold on until October 25, 2015 to match Punk’s reign, which happens to be the Hell in a Cell PPV. Coincidence?

Lesnar has said many times that he’s there to hurts guys — to the point where he literally breaks their spirit (see Cena, John).

Laser Time, WWE, Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, wrestling, UFC, MMA, signing

And the guys who hurt him? They become legit.

As quoted from another fan, truer words couldn’t have been spoken: “Brock Lesnar doesn’t have to lose to put someone over. Brock Lesnar standing on the top of the mountain puts the industry of professional wrestling over. That is simply amazing.”

Article by contributor Nick Harnamji. Follow him on Twitter!

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Brock Lesnar Is Re-Signing with the WWE

  1. Great article sir! As a huge UFC fan I was happy he decided not to step back into the octogon since he would have trouble competing with some of the elite guys now in his division since he stepped away. He is big and strong but that is just not enough these days and Caine proved that. WWE is a better and safer fit for him and I cant wait to see what he does in the ring next!

    1. Thank you, sir! Much appreciated. I pretty much feel the same way… there really hasn’t been an opposing force like this in some time.

      And for the record, my reasoning on him beating Punk’s streak, that was a sort of speculation and assumption that he would retain at WrestleMania [31]. But he’s still got 3 years under his belt to do it… so who knows? 🙂

      1. I 100 percent agree with you that with his recent signing they will have to give him a Punk worthy streak! My favorite streak still is Goldbergs even thou in hindsight his ring skills were severly lacking and lucky he didnt kill anyone by accident. Cant wait for your next piece!

        1. Agreed. Didn’t realize that about Goldberg as well until later on and when I was smartened up. Thanks again, man. I value your opinion, I’ll see what I can whip up next time!

    1. Thanks! This event really pushed me over the edge to finally contribute to LT. I’m hoping to come up with more in the future.

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