Deadpool Movie rated PG-13?!


The best April Fool’s Day prank is also the best possible news for Deadpool…

I’ve already said too much, JUST WATCH:

Over the weekend, I posted a whole buncha Deadpool iOS wallpapers to go along with Pool’s movie costume reveal, so I hope my fellow Deadpoolers (I hope that’s not a real term) noticed how many different comics those came from and can verify my love for the Merc with a Mouth. So… I’m not saying this was the only thing Fox needed to get right, but a set-in-stone R-rating is a HUGE thing to get right, and it’s a decision that can only lead to more violent and offensive splendor. And FYI: This here’s also your first look at Deadpool in motion, and Ryan Reynolds is actually in the costume.

Here’s an iPad background I made. Click to enlarge or grab some more here

Again, Marvel nerds will certainly call this a “no brainer” but I think this is a helluva risky move, and I totally could’ve seen in going the other way. Man, if parents were uncomfortable with their lil’ tykes lovin’ Rocket Raccoon, I think Deadpool is going to the naughtiest thing popular with children since Robocop and Rambo. Oh joy, the resulting controversy will give us all something to yell about-SO EXCITE!





11 thoughts on “Deadpool Movie rated PG-13?!

  1. I think it will pay off just like the original Balde did for them back in the day. If Blade was a neutered watered down PG-13 incarnation, I know it would not have done as well. I am officially excited for this project!

  2. This was awesome. Like the little hint we see of Reynold’s Deadpool voice too. Costume looks fantastic.

  3. If this IS an April Fool’s joke I’m still uncertain what the actual rating will be.

    Side note, currently playing through the Deadpool PS3 game and hearing Ryan Reynolds and not Nolan North is throwing my brain for a loop.

  4. While Batman v Superman is my most anticipated film of 2016, Deadpool is a close second, followed by Suicide Squad then X-Men: Apocalypse.

    2016 is stacked year for superheroes/comic-book films.

    1. Damn. Pretty much my wishlist as well. It’s more varied than what we’ve been getting. Here’s hoping it’s all good.

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