It Follows “Review”

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Because seriously guys, just go see it.

As a devout horror fan, it is with great pleasure that I am writing this after just watching a midnight showing of this sure-to-be cult classic. I have not enjoyed a horror film this much since 2013’s You’re Next, and if you enjoyed that, then you will definitely enjoy It Follows.

Warning: this film is not a good first date movie, due to a simple but effective plot device. In the world of the film, anyone infected via sexual intercourse is followed by a thing that can resemble someone you know or a complete stranger, and it will stop at nothing to kill you.

…unless you have sex with another person, thus transferring your affliction to them.

Laser Time, Moan4Stallone, It Follows, horror, review, movie, recommendation

Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell and starring Maiki Monroe (The Guest), It follows has all the makings of a future cult classic — and Mitchell already shows signs of being the next John Carpenter or Wes Craven. He masterfully knows when to hold a shot just a second longer to make you feel uncomfortable, instantly amplifying the tension to unbearable levels. I literally had red marks on the inside of my forearms from crossing them so tightly during one of the film’s more manic scenes. Like Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm street, Mitchell picked the perfect cast. I believed these were real teenagers friends, not some casting call result of the current corporate horror movie of the month (looking at you, Ouija).

The score of It Follows is a love letter to my favorite genre of music: 80s Carpenter synth! Composed by Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace), it instantly creates tension, dread, and any other emotion he wants you to feel. For younger Laser-ites, I can most compare it to the Hotline Miami soundtrack. Disasterpeace’s score is the heart and soul of this film, and without it, I’m not sure I would have liked it as much.

Laser Time, Moan4Stallone, It Follows, horror, review, movie, recommendation

I can one hundred percent recommend this film, and I urge every horror fan to seek out and support what is so far my favorite horror film of the year. If this is your first foray into independent horror, I also recommend checking out Director Ti West’s The House of the Devil or the previously mentioned You’re Next.

Article by contributor Moan4Stallone.

11 thoughts on “It Follows “Review”

  1. So that’s why parts of the score sounded like Fez!!

    I too loved this movie and highly recommend it. I also like the art and production design, it combined the look and style of 80’s era but still felt naturally present day.

  2. Thanks M4S for the heads up on this. As an avid modern horror fan and a proprietor of 80’s synth, you’ve gotten me more than stoked to see this! Man, I’m really itchin’ to see this tonight(!), but realistically, I’ll scope it later in the week… o_o

    1. Your welcome and let me know what you think once you see it! 80s synth instantly makes anything cooler, I cleaned my cats litter box to this score and I felt like I was Snake Plissken searching for the president with a scooper instead of a gun lol!

  3. Damn. I live in a city of over a million people and it’s only showing in one damn theater. Unfortunately, I work every night so I may have to check it out this weekend. I’m pretty damn pumped for this.

  4. All these positive reviews are making me happy that a good horror film can have a wide release. Originally, it was supposed to have a limited theater run followed by a VOD release weeks later, but with a higher than expected box office weekend, the studio chose to give it a wide release. It will open in a theater nearby tomorrow, and I can’t wait to watch it. Maybe I can do a weird double feature of It Follows and Furious 7.

    To Moan4Stallone, have you seen The Guest (from the people who made You’re Next)?

    1. Yes I have and Adam Wingard may very well be the savior of this genre! All respect to his buddy Ti West as well for also putting out quality releases. You have good taste Sir!

      1. The House of the Devil is a great, slow burn. Some thought it was too slow, I actually enjoyed that the movie plays it straight while dropping hints about the sinister nature of the people who live in the house.

        Regarding Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, I’m look forward to their next project The Woods (group of friends in the woods realize they’re not alone) because they know how to make fun genre movies.

        1. We are on the same page and I am working on something that is right up your alley and should be up in the coming weeks. Wasnt sure if there were any true horror fans on the site, glad to find there is! The woods project sounds excellent and I cant wait. Ti West was my go to guy but the Sacrament was just not what I expected or wanted from him. Great film but not his film style.

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