Cape Crisis #131 – Rated R Movie Star


Henry and Chris reconvene after a manic weekend to cover all the things they’ve been reading and watching, along with diving into Deadpool’s April foolery, a new Godzilla, an Evangeliion wrestling match, Mystique’s bio, and all the best answers to the question of the week…


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Cape Crisis #131 Question: What comic deserves an R-rated film?

4 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #131 – Rated R Movie Star

  1. Fuck yes, this day is just getting better! Like a good, honest person, I’m going to listen to the entire episode and then post my answer… the forums.

    Damn godless heathens skipping to the question at the end!

  2. Love the Deadpool video from April Fools. Despite being a huge X-Men fan I’ve been less than pleased with most of the movies (outside of X2, First Class and The Wolverine) but I’m cautiously hyped for this one.

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