Cheap Popcast #45 – F–k, Marry, WrestleMania


WrestleMania was in Cheap Popcast’s neighborhood, so Dave, Hank, Grimm, and Brett recount the highs and lows of attending NXT’s biggest event yet and possibly the best WrestleMania ever. A special guest joins the gang to talk about Raw and an impromptu game makes for some unique choices in the biggest Cheap Popcast yet!










12 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #45 – F–k, Marry, WrestleMania

  1. I’m a rather lapsed wrestling fan myself. The only things related to wrestling that I do these days is listen to Cheap Popcast, watch Botchamania, and watch Wrestlemania once a year.

    And even so, when Rollins wrestled earlier in the card, and he still had that Money in the Bank case, I thought to myself at the time “Wouldn’t it be awesome if…” exactly what ended up happening. I didn’t think it would actually happen at the time, I just thought it would be awesome if it did.

    And when he actually came out in the main event, I was thinking, “Oh, he’ll end up getting in the way just enough for Reigns to beat Brock.” But then he actually won it, and I had a big smile on my face and was just like, “Awesome.”

    That’s literally like, the thing EVERY Money in the Bank holder should do. And nobody has ever done it before(that I know of), and it completely paid off. It was just perfect.

  2. This WrestleMania was a great show. I had a ton of fun, and was happy to see Seth Rollins cash in and take the WWE title at the end of the show. It made all the sense in the world to me considering Brock can’t continue to hold onto the belt since he’s isn’t always around, and that nobody wanted Roman Reigns as champ. Everybody goes home happy.

    Also, watching WrestleMania has reignited my interest in WWE. I watched most of the post-Mania Raw, I picked up WWE 2K15 on Xbox One, and today I’m gonna watch some older stuff I missed on the WWE Network, including that Triple Threat match from this year’s Rumble.

    1. I have an idea for a future episode: Picking out the truth from WWE Networks’ programming, shows like Monday Night Wars and other specials.

  3. Dave Meltzer also rated WM31 very highly before downgrading it in retrospect because he was there live. I totally agree that it was a great show and I would definitely put it in the top five, based on what I’ve personally witnessed recently, but it would be hard to call it the best WrestleMania.

    I think one of the best things about it was how little anyone had hope for this show and just how good it actually was. That ending was easily one of the best conclusions to a show I’ve ever seen from WWE.

    The wave is called the ‘Mexican Wave’ because it originated in Mexico during soccer matches. Also, the crowd were chanting some really awful things during the Divas match that didn’t play over the broadcast. Stuff like “You suck Cena/Bryan/Tyson/Uso”.

    Also really cool to see that Carolyn is into wrestling. Would enjoy her participation in Cheap Popcast future episodes.

  4. Ever since ThreeRedLights I’ve preferred it to be known as Marry, Boff, Kill.

    You guys’ Wrestlemania enthusiasm is infectious, internet.

  5. What I learned from the Undertaker match is no man better kiss the undertaker because if you do he will Tombstone you something fierce.

  6. Not really a wrestling fan – nothing against it, just don’t watch at all really – but this episode was still really entertaining to me.

  7. Hey Guys and other things,

    Posting here since I don’t know where else to post. Not a rasslin’ fan, not since I hit puberty and Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant, anyway.

    Thought you guys would find this interesting: Awesome science podcast Radiolab gave wrestling its due by focusing a large part of a recent episode on The Montreal Screwjob. Consider:

    As you were.

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