Vidjagame Apocalypse 107 – Twin Peaks-piration


With David Lynch dropping out (at least temporarily) of the Twin Peaks resurrection over the weekend, the time was ripe for an idea that’s been sitting on our back burner for a while: games that borrowed heavily from the landmark ’90s show, forging their own uniquely weird identities in the process. Some of them may even surprise you. There’s also some light talk about Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, excitement over Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and ranting over Amiibos, and a look at your favorite April Fool’s gags of 2015.

Question of the Week

What’s your last (or most recent) memory of visiting an actual, functioning arcade?



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26 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 107 – Twin Peaks-piration

  1. QotW:

    I didn’t go to arcades very often as a kid, because my parents would make me use my allowance and as someone who wanted to spend as much time playing video games as possible, I would rather save up my money to buy an NES or SNES cartridge or rent a game from Blockbuster than feed quarters into an arcade machine. The last time I visited an arcade was probably in 1995. A friend of mine invited me to go see a movie with him and his family at the dollar movie theater. After my mom had already dropped me off of his house, he decided he didn’t feel well and didn’t want to go to a movie and so somehow I ended up in the awkward situation of going to the movies with his mom and sister. They wanted to see Mr. Holland’s Opus despite the fact that it was already 20 minutes into the movie. I didn’t want to pay to see a movie that I’d already missed almost half an hour of, so I went to see Toy Story by myself. Toy Story is apparently much, much shorter than Mr. Hollands Opus because I ended up waiting for them for at least 30 minutes while feeding quarters into the Simpsons arcade game. That theater had a sizable arcade.

    The only other time I went to the arcade was the small arcade in the local skating rink. I never have been a big fighting game fan, but I had a brief fascination with Street Fighter just because of the detailed backgrounds, large sprites and large number of playable characters, until a bully threatened me if I didn’t get off the machine.

  2. This whole bullshit that’s going on with amiibos, I think perfectly represents how stupid fanboys and/or collectors can be. Nintendo and the retailers they made deals with are pretty much punishing customers for WANTING their product, and yet a LOT of people still lapped that shit up and played along. Only NOW they are complaining because it got too extreme, but it has honestly been this ridiculous for months now.

    And all this, for glorified cheap plastic figurines that really do nothing significant for games.

  3. I’m kinda surprised there hasn’t been an official Twin Peaks game…. In any case I need to try out Deadly Premonition.

  4. Oddly enough I’ve just started playing Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut. It’d been sitting on my PS3 hard drive ever since it hit PS+ last year. Not sure what to make of it yet though, other than the fact Emily looks uncannily like Hayden Panettiere.

  5. I went to a Nickelcade (that’s the name of the arcade) probably about 6-9 months ago. It was a bit run down but it was still fun to go there. They still carried the Simpsons Videogame arcade machine that I remember very fondly, as well as a Star Wars Arcade machine. The only thing I couldn’t find there was the soccer pinball machine with a cartoon dog that I played there a long time ago. I remember how much fun that one was and how many Nickels I put into it, hence why I invested in some tables in Pinball FX2 thanks to me remembering how fun that experience was. It’s to see in some ways that specialized arcades (including pizza parlors such as Peter Piper Pizza) are indeed dying off and you can only find some machines in either theaters or some other random place.

  6. It would have to be like 2 or 3 years ago when i went to Santa Cruz stopped by the boardwalk arcade saw some scrubs playing vanilla SF 4 could have totally rolled them with my Zangief but i didn’t feel like paying a dollar to play and i did’t want to get proven wrong. I ended up playing the star wars pod racer game and the star wars arcade game that had you playing on a speeder bike, x wing and shooting on foot. All and all place still looked nice after all those years but I prefer playing console and PC games at home.

  7. I’ve got a Sega Rally twin cab at home which frequently breaks in a new and exciting way. When it works though, utterly fabulous.

    Other than that, until the Trocadero in Lindon Picadilly (formerly Sega World the mid 90’s) closed to be developed, I’d often go with £20 of change in my pocket to put my name at the top of the 4 or 5 Sega Rally machines they had.

    While studying to be an accountant (ferrrrrk), if I did badly in an exam, I’d go and play to make myself feel better. If I did well, I’d go to celebrate. This was about 2 years ago.

  8. QotW: when i was 16, i worked at the electronics boutique at my local mall outside chicago, and the food court had “aladdin’s Castle” attached, a shitty arcade. On my lunch breaks on weekends i would go, put a token into MvC2, and see how long i could go against the other kids there. My coworkers could always tell when i made it the whole lunch break on a single token because i had an extra skip in my step, and an un-eaten el cheapo burrito

  9. Twin Peaks is pretty good when you marathon it. It all takes place over a couple of weeks, I think, and I can’t imagine having to keep track of everything when you only got one episode per week. It’s nice in a burst, though.

    I just went to an arcade last week. They had several large versions of phone games, like Flappy Birds, on 5 foot tall screens. Weird. They also had the usual driving and light gun games, but not the kind of variety I would really want to call an “arcade,” like when I wsa young.

  10. I was 17 the last time I played the House Of The Dead light gun game and Mortal Kombat 4 at an arcade called Pocket Change in my local mall. It is sad though cause I also had one of my first dates with my fiancé there and that mall was going out of business. So it has been 9 years since then and I wish it was still there to this day so we could recreate that fun moment again.

  11. QOTW

    I was helping my Dad on an odd-job at a friend of his’ home. Guy had a bunch of cabinets and ping-pong tables in his basement but deemed to put an Arcade sign over the stairs down to this room so its the best story I have. As the night grew late the guy starting showing us how dope he was at his Defender cabinet, uninterested I started playing my GBA copy of Metroid: Zero Mission. He then went on to guilt trip me about how that’s not a real video game and that I should be doing lawn maintenance like him because apparently he manicures of all his neighbor’s lawns and makes the buku-bucks that bought him his sweet ass Defender cabinet. And that is the story of some Asshole’s Arcade in his basement.

  12. Damn! I was at the arcade last week. Diversions is down the street from where I live. Been going there since I was a kid. They have a decent selection of cabinets. Not too much on the newer side but have a lot of classics. There’s also a “Japanese Arcade” in town. US Gamer did a nice write up on it during PAX South. Yeah! Good stuff!

  13. QoTW:

    My last arcade experience was this summer in York Beach, Maine. There is an arcade right on the beach called Fun-O-Rama that has been in operation for at least 25 years. I’ve been going every summer since I was a kid and very little has changed.

    The place is awesome and full of arcade cabinets both old and new, quality pinball tables, and a bank of at least 10 skeeball machines. Some of the older cabinets are out-of-order, but there are still plenty to play.

    First I enjoyed a rousing game of the original Virtua Cop in all of its angular glory. Then I blew five bucks trying in vain to win a PS Vita from one of those “cut the string” prize games.

    I ended my visit by challenging Arm Champs II, the arm wrestling game that always scared me as a kid. There was a rumor at the time about the game breaking people’s arms.
    Fortunately I survived the trial with all my limbs intact. Not only did I defeat the Robot, I also set the high score in the bonus game.

  14. Wait a minute. How is season 6 of Community bad compared to previous seasons? I’ve been watching it and it seems to have the same style of humor and character.

    The Amiibo craze is something I am interested in watching from the outside but will likely never interact with. The double edged sword of undersupplied collectables and popular physical DLC is quite interesting.

  15. QOTW

    The last time I went to an arcade was whenever skyfall came out. A couple of friends and I went to a mall with a movie theater. We had an hour or 2 to kill before our movie and I remembered the MVC2 machine in the Tilt at the other end of the mall. I was the only one who had ever played it and was bragging the the whole walk over. The arcade itself was depressing. The actual video game machines barely worked. The most functional machine was the fucking Deal or no Deal game. When we played Marvel 2, I was not quite as good as I remembered. My friend mashed the damn buttons and won. Skyfall was good though.

  16. QOTW:
    Well, I live within thirty minutes of Funspot, the famous arcade in Laconia NH, so I get the classic arcade experience about once or twice a year.

  17. Aww, y’all only read the first sentence of my answer for the QotW. And it wasn’t even the best part! (that would be seeing Troy Baker perform and have a bit of birthday fun with fans)

  18. Qotw: Was at a barcade In Los Angeles a few months back playing sf2 championship edition, I got to play with a guy who said he is from China and challenged him and a bunch of his friends. It was a blast and made me feel like a kid again at the arcade, I was able to beat alot of people but whenever I would beat them they would leave I would have to fight the computer which was on hard mode or something so I would immediately lose, luckily I had beer to cheer me up!

  19. Qotw: There are still a couple of arcades in the Seattle area up and operating that I’ve patronized lately. The first is what is left of Gameworks in downtown. I saw what is left of the Gameworks because the majority of the ground floor is now booths for dining, and most of the old retro games are either shoehorned into one location, or removed all together. The other is the 8-Bit arcade closer to home (Renton), which I took my teenage nephew to a while back. He thought it was weird that I would spend money to play an original SF II arcade console (since he’s got more recent versions of it at home), until he tried the arcade control stick and realized it worked much better than the XBox controllers for Guile, Ryu/Ken and Zangief.

    Also, I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcast every week as soon as it comes out on Thursday, and I hope you continue to keep up the good work. Looking very forward to your review of MKX next week!

  20. The last arcade I was in was at Disneyland, and I didn’t expect it. This was a few months after Wreck-it Ralph came out, so the place that used to be just outside Space Mountain — which was a dedicated arcade back in the day — was converted back into a fairly decent arcade with about 20 games, including three Fix-It Felix Jr. machines set on free play. Since everything else took quarters and was operated by a business, I’m calling this as legit — where as the re-creation of Flynn’s Arcade in California Adventure post-Tron Legacy can’t be counted since that was tied to a themed nighttime event and ultimately temporary.

    That said I hope to see all of you at California Extreme this year…

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