Irredeemable Smartphone Wallpapers Just Because!


Never forget the atrocities of The Plutoinian buy saving him as your smartphone background…

Look I know any comic fan doing his dorky diligence is watching Daredevil on Netflix this weekend. I sure as shit will be, which is why his wallpapers went up last week. But on this week’s Cape Crisis, we briefly mentioned Irredeemable (written by current Daredevil scribe Mark Waid) and I started to swoon all over again. The premise is simple: What if Superman turned into a complete asshole? Well, it’s obviously a little more complex than that, but for three years Irredeemable hypothesized what our world would look like if its most powerful hero, The Plutonian, a man who can hear everything and be anywhere, hated our fucking guts. Many book have played with the Superman mythos, but I can’t remember one that remained this genuinely sadistic and terrifying right up until the end. I can’t recommend Irredeemable enough (and the opposite goes to its villain-turned-hero spin-off , Incorrputible) so for what these optimized smartphone backgrounds lack in recognizability, they make up for with gorgeous pangs of delightful shock. Seriously, go read Irredeemable!

Click to enlarge, Save that piss!

I’ve optimized theses for Iphones and iPads, but they probably work on other smart devices too. If not, lemme know! Oh, and if Irredeemable ain’t your thing, check out our customized wallpapers for Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, Batman, and Superman.

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