Laser Time – Shame Songs 2015


From guilty pleasures to beloved embarrassments, these are the songs you listen to exclusively with headphones. Don’t be afraid, tell us your shame songs…


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67 thoughts on “Laser Time – Shame Songs 2015

  1. Yes, a sequel to one of my favorite episodes ever! Its like a return to a more innocent time. A return to innocence…


    One of my favorite topics! It took long enough, but so glad to see it return, and very excited to listen to it! 😀

  3. holy SHIT! i didn’t know Diamond Dolls was an original song! that makes me love that song and that movie MORE! SO MUCH MORE!
    Mikel trumps the show with that last song. XD it was painful to listen to.

  4. It really worries me that both on this and the first episode, more than half of the songs chosen are songs that I actually like un-ironically >>;

  5. Shame songs, yeah.

    I was so into Korn and Limp Bizkit back in high school. I think the most shameful thing I owned was the MTV album The Return of the Rock, which was just loaded with tons of shitty numetal. My favorite song from it was Machinehead – From This Day. It was from when the band decided not to be thrash metal anymore during their descent into numetal. So bad.

  6. As I was driving to work this morning listening to Lasertime and thinking about what shame song I was going to put in the forums I settled on Steal My Sunshine, which I feel no shame about as it’s a great happy song, by a band that is bad and knows it.

    And then it came on and I actually did a huge fist pump.

    Also, like none of the pre-break songs were embarrassing at all. Or I have bad taste in music. Can I be so out of touch?…No. It’s the children who are wrong.

  7. Holy shit. When Brett played tearin up my heart I was sent back in time two decades. Sitting in my living room playing Zelda OoT with my brother with that nsync CD playing on repeat. I specifically remember the forest temple and that song. Jesus. Then came linkin park CDs while playing majoras mask.

    OK, so my shame song is the bad touch by the bloodhound gang. Whenever it comes on I find myself singing along and enjoying myself, and I know its a piece of shit song.

    Cheers guys, and thanks Brett for the nsync memory.

  8. Fuck it, my real shame songs have to be anything from Hollywood undead. Mid 2000’s me thought they were so awesome. They aren’t. But that doesnt stop me from occasionally listening to “bitches” or “dead in ditches”

  9. Wait wait wait…since when is Infectious Grooves shameful? Never even occurred to me I should be ashamed of loving “Violent & Funky”. Now that Tamagotchi song? THAT’s a proper shame song. I was listening to this episode in my car and I instinctively turned the volume way down at a red light when you guys started playing that song.

    It’s hard to pick shame songs because I’m not actually ashamed of most of the terrible things I like. I remember getting into an argument with one of my friends when we were both kids. I was listening to Reel 2 Reel’s “I Like To Move It” non-stop, and he said, some day you’re going to look back and be so embarrassed you used to listen to this shitty song. I sent him a message last year saying I still love it on a non-ironic level 20 years later. Same thing with “Ninja Rap” by Vanilla Ice.

    I still listen to Twilight in Paris from Jem cartoon a lot. Actually most of the tunes from Jem were pretty badass; I was ashamed of liking them as a kid because of the obvious stigma of liking a cartoon for girls:

  10. Here’s some:

    Sha La La La

    My friend sent me this track off one of his Eurobeat CDs since the sound bite is hilarious. He used it in a joke since I’m half filipino. It’s a stupid song, but gets in your head.

    Ween – Push the Little Daisies

    I owe my love/hate for this song because of Beavis and Butthead. I guess it’s supposed to be ironically terrible?

    Real McCoy – Another Night

    This has all the makings of a “Brett song.” I feel no shame. I just like this song.

    The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

    I honestly really like the whole album this song is from, but I like to play this song to annoy the hell out of people.

    Soul for Real – Every Little Thing I Do

    This song is awesome, but you gotta admit that the “Hey! Every little thing I do you’re on my mind. you’re on my mind” phrase over and over can grate on people.

    Since Blink-182 was mentioned, I used to be those guys who loved Blink-182 when Dude Ranch came out, but then sort of stopped liking them since they weren’t “really punk rock anymore”. Yeah. That’s teenage punk douchery. Revisiting them time and again with their Greatest Hits, there’s some fun stuff in there, like “Man Overboard” and “First Date”, which is one of my favorite songs to sing in karaoke.

    They also matured a lot as song writers. “Neighborhoods” is a terrific album. And I just read that Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio may be replacing Tom De Longe, which has the possibility of being awesome.

  11. And here’s one more since there’s not enough hip hop:

    Trinidad James – All Gold Everything

    It’s one of those songs where you feel “it’s terrible yet catchy, and if I play this song in the wrong neighborhood I would get beat up or robbed.”

    1. Oh…oh wow. You win. I’m sure the original folk tune isn’t too bad, but with this dance beat it’s intolerable.

  12. Fun Fact: Infectious Grooves was the band at the dance in Encino Man. Also they are all latino and black and not white boys.

  13. I swear to God, I hate that this episode made me remember that Diamond Dolls exists, and made me remember that I totally love it.

  14. I’m a 36 year old former skate punk turned father of two, and I still love Counting Crows! They were the only 90’s alt/post grunge rock band I ever enjoyed.

  15. These comment threads/forum posts are blowing up, and this will probably get buried, but if you do a thorough review of all the submissions I’m very confident these will make it on your list:

    First of all, “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer (always thought this was Jewel, but I guess not!)

    “Hey Leonardo” (AKA “She likes me for me”) by Blessid Union of Souls

    Also, I think this is the most shameful Limp Bizkit song, mainly because it features Method Man who has to look back at that as one of his most questionable career choices (song is “N 2 gether now”)

    Lastly, my personal shame BAND was Sugar Ray. Them and Smash Mouth really spoke to 12 year old me. Favorite song was “Every Morning”, obviously!

    1. I honestly don’t think I’ve even heard that Limp Bizkit song before…the Method Man parts are great. In some ways that makes it worse, because rather than just resigning myself to the fact that the song sucks, I get these glimmers of hope before Fred Durst comes back to ruin it. It was best of times, it was the Durst of times.

    2. I just thought of the ultimate guilty/shameful pleasure. I’m genuinely ashamed of this one. My friends and I bought a Christian rap CD so we could make fun of it, but I genuinely fell in love with it. Even this super, super cheesy song where the chorus is someone smooth crooning “ooooooh Jesus, gotta lift him up in here tonight”

      This is so nostalgic and terrible at the same time. This song “Lost Souls” is about being converted after meeting Jesus at da club: “Everbody looked dead, except the man in white, with the crown on his head!”

      I wish I could find the song “Hell Ain’t Fo Ya” but it isn’t on YouTube sadly. Still buying it off iTunes

  16. My most recent examples of something that I would consider to be “Shame Songs” are One Republic, namely:

    Feel Again:

    I Lived:

    It goes towards what Brett was saying about Bruno Mars in that you can feel strain in the emotion of his voice trying to belt out those notes. Also, despite being somewhat corny, they’re just filled with so much positivity about loving life and you can’t be mad at that!

  17. So right now my song is Ed Sheeren – Thinking Out Loud……i’m not sure how shameful that is…but I also like Fall Out Boy…so…..

    1. FYI literally everything about Ed Sheeran is going to be some top-shelf shame shit by like mid-2016 if we’re being generous. It’s kind of impressive how he manages to be skullfuckingly mediocre at and whiny in so many different genres.

  18. A fun exercise everyone should try: Google Limp Bizkit and invisible zombies. What you get is wonderful.

  19. I just thought of the ultimate guilty/shameful pleasure. I’m genuinely ashamed of this one. My friends and I bought a Christian rap CD so we could make fun of it, but I genuinely fell in love with it. Even this super, super cheesy song where the chorus is someone smooth crooning “ooooooh Jesus, gotta lift him up in here tonight”

    This is so nostalgic and terrible at the same time. This song “Lost Souls” is about being converted after meeting Jesus at da club: “Everbody looked dead, except the man in white, with the crown on his head!”

    I wish I could find the song “Hell Ain’t Fo Ya” but it isn’t on YouTube sadly. Still buying it off iTunes

  20. Oh man you want shame songs, try the entirety of Alanis Morrisette’s follow-up to Jagged Little Pill. Teen me thought that was the deepest shit in the universe. Teen me was an idiot and a sissy. I mean adult me is an idiot and probable sissy too, but still.

    1. “Do the Bartman” was the only song I ever called (the equivalent of) a 900 number to listen to on a god damned rotary phone.

      No fuck you milennials rotary phones did actually exist.

  21. The first band I got into as a kid was Sugar Ray and I’ll readily admit that I still listen to them on occasion. This song spoke to 14 or so year old me in a huge way and was the first thing that came to mind listening to this episode:

    I also thought of Dare from Transformers the Movie, but I’ll never feel any shame about that one:

  22. Man, like half my favorite artists are guilty pleasures, but partially because they had radio hits unrepresentative of the rest of their repertoire. But I agree that you shouldn’t have to apologize for the things you like. People are too complicated for there to be a right and wrong way/reason to enjoy a thing.

    And yes, every Gin Blossoms song (which are basically all the same song).

  23. crossposted from the thread – I promise I have good taste, but when this shit comes on the radio, I gotta blast it because ughhhh idk it’s super hype. I knew it as “that song from Aggressive Inline” for the longest time and i finally Shazam’d it last year and I was so disappointed in myself when i saw who it was.

    also, I don’t like reggae at all and much less reggae-rock and MUCH less rock from the mid-late 90s buuuut well there are like 2 and a half 311 songs i can jam out to (Down being the other, I guess?).

    that said, the rest of the songs from both bands are unlistenably bad to me. I still listen to some pop punk like The Wonder Years and all of Green Day’s discog and the occasional ska band like Big D & the Kids Table but i could actually defend myself over that stuff if i wanted to. this though, i got fuckin NOTHIN

  24. Oh yes! I’ve been kicking myself for two years for not commenting on the original Shame Songs post to share my story(ies).

    I have two. One a direct shame song, one not so much but I think still fits in with the theme.

    When I was in middle school I had a reversible jacket. I know, I know. Calm down ladies. I would put my CD player on the inside pocket with the buttons facing out, so I could stick my hand in the pocket and control it. I would then run my headphones up through the jacket, put them in, put my hood up, and lay my head down during study hall and listen to my music.

    Well, I say my music. It was actually just two songs on one CD. That CD? The Spider-Man soundtrack. You can probably guess one of them, and it’s well-tread territory so I won’t bother linking here. But yes, it was Hero featuring Chad Kroeger from Nickelback and Josey Scott from Saliva.

    No, the real shame here is the other song. I would finish listening to Hero and skip a few tracks to listen to

    Rock (It’s What We’re All About) by Sum 41. Then when that finished I’d go back to Hero and do it again. I was the coolest kid in 7th grade.

    The second story is quite possibly the ultimate in high school MySpace tales.

    10th grade. Teenagers. Emotions. I had done something, I honestly don’t remember what, and I really hurt the feelings of a close friend of mine. In case anyone here is concerned, she and I are still friends some 9 years later, so don’t fret. But I digress.

    I got home that day feeling all bad cause I was an asshole. I go on MySpace, as you were want to do in 2006, and I see that she has posted a new blog entry. Of course I would immediately see this. She was in my top 4, of course. (No top 8 for me. I had standards.)

    I go and look at the blog and it’s about how even those closest to you can hurt you and blah blah blah. The pinnacle of teenage angst. But the cherry on top of this angst sundae is when you posted blog posts on MySpace you could say what your current mood was and what you were watching/reading/listening to.

    At the bottom of that post it simply said “Listening to: Adam’s Song by Blink 182.”

    Don’t worry, she wasn’t contemplating suicide. As you can see, my name is Adam. And that, my friends, is the most high school MySpace story ever told.

    Thanks for the great episode. Can’t wait to hear Shame Songs Too Too.

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