Full Ant-Man Trailer Offers a Bigger Look at Marvel’s Smallest Hero


Bigger, better, smaller! Ant-Man’s newest trailer is a fANTastic improvement…

I know it hasn’t even been a year since Guardians of the Galaxy premiered, but it feels like it’s been forever since Marvel introduced a new hero into its too-big-to-fail Cinematic Universe. Seriously, think about it. Sure, the Guardians knew a guy/know a girl knows Thanos but they never share screentime, and obviously, we were teased with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver in Winter Soldier. But for real: Who was the last superhero introduced in a Marvel movie? Substantially, I mean, as in a character that will eventually get their own film? I know that’s a shitload of qualifiers, but it may’ve been as far back as 2011.

Of course, all of this is a convoluted way of saying “Hi, Ant-Man! Thanks for getting me excited for Marvel’s Phase Three” And hey, at least the first full trailer is a major improvement over that first teaser, which was the first Marvel movie trailer that had me feeling next to nothing. That was mostly due to it being so insubstantial, sort of a hasty assemblage of FX-less available footage, or something that felt far more appropriate for a Comic-Con exclusive audience than for repeated viewing by the general public. But the above trailer is a major improvement, capably highlighting who Ant-Man is, what he does, and how its comedic tone will set it apart from the rest of the MCU. Most importantly, I have the utmost faith in both Peyton Reed pulling off the project Edgar Wright tragically abandoned, as well as Marvel Studios surprising the piss out of me once my ass is in the theater.

ant-man running ants laser timeAnt-Mazing! Ant-Stounding! F-ANT-TASTIC!

That’s well-earned enthusiasm, yet it’s also interesting to juxtapose with the weird stuff on display here that may rub us nerds the wrong way. What’s his name from the first season of House of Cards? Him and his yellow jacket strike me as the kind of villain the MCU abandoned somewhere in between the first and second Iron Man. You know, the megalomaniacal billionaire variety The Amazing Spider-Man seemed heelbent to bore us to death with? And another oddity I’m ashamed to cop to… Isn’t it really weird seeing Paul Rudd play a straight comedic role? Perhaps I’ve been weaned too much on stuff like Anchorman, They Came Together, and the dozens of other welcome, wacky cameos Rudd makes on an annual basis, but I don’t think I’ve seen him play a sincere lead role in over a decade. Just so we’re clear, LOVE THE GUY, but he has the least to say of any character in the new trailer, so I doubt I’m the only person riding that vibe. Again, just letting you know how I feel, I’ve got faith in Ant-Man (the new Lang-starring comic has been amazing BTW), Marvel and what you’ve got to say in the comments below. Let us know your thoughts and they’ll undoubtedly get brought up on the next Cape Crisis!

16 thoughts on “Full Ant-Man Trailer Offers a Bigger Look at Marvel’s Smallest Hero

  1. I hate the fact that people were crapping all over the films teaser trailer. It’s called a teaser for a reason! That being said, I have a strong feeling that’s gonna be a surprise hit. Not as big as Guardians but it’ll be great.

  2. I’m glad to see they’re keeping a sense of humor in mind. This trailer has the predictable FX money shots that are always in hype trailers.. But, keeping Guardians in mind, I think Marvel is holding back a lot more funny moments for the full release.

    Still going to miss Hank Pym in Ultron, though..

  3. I understand your point re the ant-ogonist, hard to see how it fits inter the greater MCU, but then that may not be a bad thing. I can’t be the only one who wants less macguffin chasing and more Winter Soldier-ing. I mean the latter still was a lead into to bits of Civil War but it avoided the potentially tiresome ‘we need to get the thing that will be a gem thing back/away from the baddy’.

  4. Disney owns Thomas the Tank Engine? Or is that Public Domain somehow? Otherwise it would be the train from Toy Story or something right?

    1. So glad you and ROD brought it up! Such a wonderful cameo, and no, after a stupid amount of research, Disney is not affiliated with Thomas in any way, but I think he’s a wonderful addition to the MCU.

  5. Seeing Thomas in a trailer for a super hero movie would have certainly got my young self to the theaters, and seeing it now tells irony-loving present self to go see the movie. I think it was a great choice.

  6. Thank god for the ants and mini fight with Yellowjacket because those are the first interesting things ive seen.

    1. I’ll second Cody’s comment. Those were fun and give me faith that the Wright stuff is still there. Wright’s action and comedy scenes were my main draw for this movie. And the MCU needs those things done better (with the exception of the action scenes of Cap 2).

      However, half of the trailer felt like a bigger version of the teaser mostly thanks to the still-present generic speech (I know, it’s a superhero movie, can’t have a complex plot, yadda yadda but c’mon) which, to be fair, could be Wright’s, and, of course, the phase I-style villain.

      And c’mon, are we still doing the ironic “Ah ah, yeah, I know, my superhero name and/or costume is dumb.” joke?

  7. It seems like we can get a lot of really neat stuff from the idea of shrinking down from a visual perspective. They show a little bit of it here with him diving down that tube and running with the ants but I feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a high-quality visual experience of being small in a larger world.
    Also I didn’t consider that this might be a rad heist movie until this trailer.

  8. Sorry for being that guy, but I’m not interested in this film at all. This will be the first Marvel film that I will skip on the big screen since Captain America: First Avenger. This film come across as one generic superhero film.

    For me, I guess I will never accept a non-Edgar Wright directed Ant-Man film. I was only interested in this film for one and one reason only (just like James Gunn name alone made me interested in Guardians before I saw a single trailer), and since his departure, I lost all reason to watch this.

  9. I’m actually pretty pleased with Wasp’s apparent role. I was concerned the movie was going to have this old Hank Pym, but then have a young Janet. And while not as old as Pym, it’s clear she’s closer to Pym’s generation than Scott’s.

    I don’t like the line that he has superhuman strength when he’s shrunk down. He’s supposed to have exactly human strength, even when shrunk down.

    I dunno, I don’t see anything to dislike here.

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