Vidjagame Apocalypse 108 – The Villain’s Perspective with Heidi Kemps


Do you often find yourself rooting for the bad guys, sometimes even when they’re not snappier dressers than the heroes? You’re not alone, and a lot of games cater to your dark impulses with the option to play as their Big Bads and put the sappy good guys in their place. Along with special guest Heidi Kemps of, we explore five of our favorite villain experiences this week, followed by a spirited discussion of Mortal Kombat X, Westerado: Double Barreled, Grand Theft Auto V on PC, and your last memories of being in an arcade.

Question of the Week

Which villain would you most like to play as?



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33 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 108 – The Villain’s Perspective with Heidi Kemps

  1. QotW:

    The villain I’d like to play is Mario, the villain of Donkey Kong Jr. You may remember him as the one who kidnaps Donkey Kong and keeps him in a cage, so that DK Jr. has to rescue him.

    I think Mario has the potential to star in a large number of games, maybe he could be in some sort of mushroom land and he could have a brother who could be the second player option and they could fight some sort of reptile enemies who kidnapped a princess. If you wanted to get really adventurous, they could ride a dinosaur or maybe have some special animal costumes that give them powers. Maybe at some point it could be revealed that Mario has some sort of cleverly named evil twin. Maybe they could even drive some go karts too. Yeah, that’d be great….

    Mario’s not such a bad guy. Maybe he was just mad at some past wrong that Donkey Kong did to him or someone he loves…

        1. I don’t know what you’re talking about; Social Justice Necromancer is pretty funny, I could see it as the new class in South Park 2: The Sack of Salvation.

        2. Quite the opposite actually, Joe! But yeah, thanks for the sad attempt at hurting us just as you so cruelly were hurt by those filthy, naughty joke words.

          1. I don’t know, just basing that on people I know who recently dropped the podcast. After seven years I’m probably just inferring false correlations.

          2. I’m sure you’ve spoken to hundreds on the matter, dear. Tell them they’ll be welcome back with open arms should they ever ditch their misplaced zealotry. We’ll continue to keep things fun on our end, so tell the rage babies to have fun with their weird little religion.

          3. It was like three, so admittedly not really that big a sample size. And its more just a general aversion to the background radiation from that weird chunk of the internet.

          4. It’s weird… There’s only one kind of person I’ve always said I don’t want as a listener: People Who Can’t Take a Joke. If you asked me less than a year ago, I would have told you that only really included religious fanatics, Republican housewives, etc. What the hell has happened to our proud people…

          5. I don’t know, maybe there’s not enough shit going wrong in people’s personal lives, so they need to fabricate some kind of adversity to overcome.

          6. WHOA WHOA, CHRIS!! As a Republican religious fanatic housewife zealot who can take a joke, I’m extremely offended! I like to think of myself as an SJW myself, or a RRFHZSJW.

          7. Go read shakesville or some other SJW blog where every post has 14,000 trigger warnings before every post. “Trigger Warning: kittens rough housing.” Those of us without horribly fragile psyches will enjoy Laser Time the way it is.

          8. Actually “Chris Antista’s commentary on SJW blogs” would instantly become my favorite Laser Time feature. Chris, go read some shakesville now.

      1. Florida : The Dick Joke State

        can we submit that somehow for state slogan for FL?

        Also, i spent years hoping you guys would even mention Suikoden, and the last few weeks its been dropped heavily between VGA and VGM. Im so happy

    1. I mean, if E and Joe are right-wing/Gamergate-types, it would make sense that they know other , similarly shitty people who non-ironically use terms like ‘SWJ’, so I’m not surprised of Joe knows three people who “dropped the podcast” 😉

  2. I was really hoping that with Heidi here, there would some more talk on Kusoge, which are more fun to hear about that to actually play.

    1. Next time she’s on, I’ll take more steps to craft the show around her. (I think it’s now a tradition that when we get people on who are super-knowledgeable about old-school Japanese games, we have to first subject them to a bunch of Call of Duty talk.)

  3. Question of the Week – which villain would I like to play as?
    The Cyber Demon from Doom – your objective is to mow down as many space marines as possible before being hit four times by the BFG 9000 or the T-1000 from Terminator 2. Your objective: using police scanners and other law enforcement equipment to track John Connor’s movements, eliminate anyone who might assist in his escape, and finally engage and eliminate the T-800, then Sarah Connor, and finally John himself. The machines win, have a nice day!

  4. QOTW:

    The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3. It worked so well allowing us to live out the life of Big Bass back when he was Naked Snake, I would love for a chance to play as “The Joy” in Kojima Production’s version of WWII. Maybe have it be like the start of that A-Team movie where you travel around Nazi occupied Europe assembling members of Cobra Unit, end on the Boss collecting Hitler’s DNA then post credit reveal Reich Snake, the final clone produced by the Patriots before the FOXALIVE virus in 2014.

    Actually just The Boss in WWII, all my other ideas are terrible.

  5. Jeez Chris, what have you got against Infectious Grooves? I may be a 33 year old white dude who drives a minivan, has a stupid faux-rap name for my online persona, and has questionable taste in music…but I love Infectious Grooves. I put out a song last year where I specifically told the bassist to do something like Rob Trujillo’s bassline in “Violent & Funky”

  6. QOTW:

    I would fucking love to have another Blood Omen game, being an evil bastard vampire has never been done quite so well since.

  7. QotW: I’d like to play a Resident Evil game where you play as the nemesis, tracking down and murdering the STARS/Effeminate others. It would play like a Monster Hunter game with each character requiring different techniques and whatnot.

  8. The villian i would love to play as is Nix from infamous 2.
    While is not technically the villian of the game, she is depicted as the “evil” moral choices of the game. I think she is the most interesting character in the series. Most of her decisions seem to be the most reasonable and fun, even the creators made her ending canon.

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