Here’s Your Physical Reward, Laser Time Donors


You’ve got just one more weekend to get our IRL Animation Commentary Pack and a very special coin…

First off, I CANNOT THANK ALL OF YOU ENOUGH. We, (I) have just paid my single largest payment of my entire adult life, and it just so happened to all go to the United States government. However, because of you guys, I didn’t have to go homeless and hungry to do so, and there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude, and yes, Laser Time will live on a little longer thanks to your support. (I certainly hope that generosity will extend to a Patreon coming in June.) In case you didn’t know, we added an extra donation tier this time, and for $10 we promised a one-time physical reward for people kind enough to dig that deep for us. We’re happy to finally reveal it to you. To those brave men and women who contributed to a cause most noble, we are forever bonded… we are SUPER TAXIO BROS.

coin painted 2
This commemorative tax coin is available until APRIL 2oTH, 11:59PM PST via our IRL Animation Commentary Pack

Sorry for the delay in showing it to you. We actually did reveal this earlier in the week on Laser Time’s Mortal Kombat X stream, but tee hee, I forget how few of you actually watch those. Long story short, we had to put this together fast, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of one James “Mr. Dandy” Hakola. As one of Laser Time’s earliest supporters, James immediately offered us aid and with a ridiculously fast turnaround. I found out I was ruined by the IRS in mid March, we whipped up a commentary pack almost hours later, and James to the designing, manufacturing, painting, production and distribution of a physical item that didn’t even exist at the time we announced it.

coin painted 1
Check out the ass on this coin!

Before anyone had received one red nickel, James was there for us, allowing me to pester him every other day and cranking away on this thing in what little spare time he had. So, if you like James’ design, check out his stuff at WarGamma or let him know on Twitter. If not, please, keep it to yourself. This is getting shipped to you whether you like it or not and their are no refunds!

coin unpainted
Unpainted, but shows the relative size

 That’s a joke, BTW. We’ll start shipping the coins in the coming weeks, and I’ll be dedicating time later on to ensure everyone is satisfied with our latest endeavor here, so PLEASE BE PATIENT. Once again, thank you to EVERYONE (although to a slightly lesser extent for those of you who listen, could afford to donate and couldn’t be bothered. We only still kind of love you too.) I hope you all someday get to experience the level of kindness and generosity you’ve shown to me and my friends.




As pop culture dorks, we love doing movie commentaries, and we’re glad at least a few of you think they’re fun too, and you can find even more of them over on Laser Time’s Bandcamp page. As for why we’re not shutting down the commentaries even though our tax bill is paid, we’ve gotta pay to ship these things around the world, and sadly, until we reorganize this rinky-dink operation a little more professionally, every donation we receive will also be taxed to shit next year to the tune of almost 50% and we want to get out in front of that as much as possible. In other words: Nobody’s getting rich here, but thankfully, we hopefully don’t have to go broke either. Thanks again, Laser Timers.

33 thoughts on “Here’s Your Physical Reward, Laser Time Donors

  1. Awesome! The coin looks great – I can’t wait to get mine! I’m just happy this great weight has been lifted off you, Chris. Also super excited you guys get to keep on running AND I’m super excited to jump on the Patreon in June!

    Love you guys.

  2. WOow the ASS on that coin is glorious! thanks for doing this, i adore laser time, was hoping for a nude pic of Chris but this will totally work too 😉

  3. Amazing! Can’t wait to get my coin. Thanks a ton for all the free content. I hope you find a way to keep doing the commentaries. Is there any way somebody who missed the Hate pack could ever get that?

  4. I would start watching the streams again if quality options were available. I can only really watch twitch if it’s on low quality because of my new rural Internet speeds. Don’t change anything for me I just thought I’d explain myself for not tuning in anymore.

  5. Thanks! Can’t wait to get the coin. Glad Laser Time can continue ! hope to keep getting content from you guys!

  6. I was wondering why you got hit so hard with taxes and yea being supported by mostly donations totally makes sense. That really sucks though since it seems like you’re gonna be in the same situation next year. I hope there’s some legal magic that can loophole you outta this.

    I used to be able to get on the streams when they happened randomly! On Tuesdays I’m at school practically all day so I do miss watching them.

  7. The IRS is not friendly to small businesses, I know. The coin looks great and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  8. neat, even though I can never get acess to the commentary packs b/c my google account is different than my email

  9. That coin is awesome! I would have donated even without the incentive but I was happy to pitch in a little extra anyway. The commentaries were fun, and I’m glad that we helped get LT through the tax season ok. Can’t wait to get this in the mail now

  10. 100 percent relieved you got this tax thing sorted brotha cause not many places were opining their arms to a guy named Moan4stallone, let alone allow me to share my opinions via articles so thank you and hope we can get another couple years or better, blow up bigger than Giant Bomb yo! Please at least long enough for me to review Rambo Last Blood.

  11. If the day comes when you must find me again, just give that coin to any man from Braavos and say these words to him: “I Got a Little Dick It’s Pathetic.”

  12. I drive for a living and the Lasertime Network has seriously increased the quality of my life. What kind of rat bastard would I be if I didn’t pitch in?

    The coin is amazing by the way

  13. I’m glad I could help you survive tax season. I’ll make sure to donate more in the future whenever I had the money to spare!

  14. Hey Chris, just making sure, i donated $10 twice this month for me and my roommate to get this. Will you ship 2 to my address?

  15. So excited I managed to remember to donate for the IRL animation pack. As an Accountant myself, I know how frustrating the whole ordeal can be, but at least you’re not getting audited!

    Can’t wait for the coin.

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