The Best of the Star Wars Celebration Panel


BB-8: The Amazing Ball Droid, Luke, Leia, new Star Wars VII footage and everything else worth seeing in one quick package!

If you’re hankering for an encore of warm n’ fuzzies after watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 80 bazillion times, here’s Star Wars amazing mega panel distilled to less than 10 minutes of all the essential footage and announcements. Seriously, how does BB-8 ball droid work?!!?

5 thoughts on “The Best of the Star Wars Celebration Panel

  1. I think Disney and Lucas Film owe you, Chris! Super well put together, and how DOES that droid work?

  2. Hey! excellent recap and summary Chris! thank you so much for it! 😀

    And damn, yeah, it’s pretty amazing to see the ball droid working perfectly like that. It also shows that they are truly committed to make everything feel genuine, which is fantastic.

  3. JJ saying that everything has to be as real as possible is an awesome subtle way to say: “Yeah George was 100% wrong about everything he has said about the prequel movies and special effects”
    Disney might just rescue this franchise. Brett also might be right this will heal the internet.

  4. This is the kind of thing that really buoys my confidence in how good this movie is going to be. JJ Abrams might catch a lot of flack (some of it deserved, maybe), but this is the project he was born to work on. Star Wars is about spectacle, and goddamnit can JJ do spectacle.

  5. LOL Did Anthony Daniels seriously spell C3PO wrong while doing the voice?! Yikes. I’ll chalk it up to stage jitters, but jeeeez this is right after acknowledging him as the longest returning actor.

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