Shame Songs 2015: The Ultimate Tribute

Diamond Dolls – The Chipettes

It's time was all admitted The Chipmunk Adventure rules and this is the best part!

Posted by Laser Time on Thursday, February 25, 2016


Have you heard Laser Time’s latest Shame Songs episode? Then watch as one brave man pays the ultimate respect to his guiltiest pleasure…

Hope you guys have been listening to our semi-annual Shame Songs episodes, because I think they’re nothing short of therapeutic. Music to me is too often caught up in a phony and unnecessary “coolness, which is why it appeals so strongly to young people: Similar Interests. But Thank the Good Lord that Big Baby Brelston came up with the idea years ago to lean in to our most embarrassing favorite songs, and I’ve personally been quite humbled by the show of support for my choice, “Diamond Dolls” by The Chipettes, a public declaration that would’ve humiliated me just a few short years ago. This is probably the closest I’ll ever come to having a coming-out-of-the-closet moment, but I’d like to think it was just as hard and showed just as much courage. “Hero” is probably too strong a word, but…

chipmunk adventure chipettes girls of rock and roll

There is almost nothing in the world less cool than Alvin and the Chipmunks, let alone last-gen Alvin and the Chipmunks. But I don’t care anymore. Let the record show that 2015 was the year Chris Antista took a stand for The Chipmunk Adventure, a wonderfully animated 1987 adventure the world no longer gives two fucks about. We brought it up on our Best/Worst Animated Films Based on TV Cartoons podcasts, I wrote about it briefly here, and today I’ve decided to do it one step better: Make a 1080p sizzlin’ serenade of Rodent-based Girl Power. Think you have or can out-embrace your Shame Song? I fucking dare you!

The faces that launched a legion of furries

I actually had to lie to YouTube and say this is me covering the song, but I’m nowhere close to ashamed since the Chipmunks made a multi-decade career out of synthetically singing songs they didn’t write either. So feel free to compliment “my voice” in the YouTube comments and let’s keep this ruse alive! BONUS POINTS: Try and count how many times you can see the Chipettes underwear. Simpler times, I s’pose…


11 thoughts on “Shame Songs 2015: The Ultimate Tribute

  1. I get the popularity of the chipmunks, sell older popular music for a new generation, whatever. I just don’t understand the decision of using those shrill, high-pitch voices for them. 10 seconds into the song and I got a splitting headache. I won’t give anyone shit for liking this stuff (I do enjoy that band wheetus) It’s just one of those things I never got the appeal of, like boy bands or country music.

  2. Good on ‘ya, Chris. I don’t remember watching this more than once when I was younger, but man! It was drawn so well! Those scenes with people in particular, I don’t think I’ve seen people animated in a movie like that before.

  3. haha nice!
    I honestly was running around YT all night after that episode came out, looking for a version of this song. I like the way you chose to represent it. nicely edited.
    two thumbs WAAAAY up.

  4. I never thought the Chipettes were chipmunks. They just look like girls. Obviously their name implies that they are. I guess I convinced myself they weren’t rodents as a child since I had a mad crush on Brittany. That didn’t stop me from loving Gadget though. I guess it’s a miracle I’m not a Furry.

    Again, awesome video.

  5. Great video! That song is so catchy it made me want to watch the movie so I rented it through the amazon links!

  6. Holy crap Antista, this video has some amazing editing. If you told me this was an official video I’d believe you. Not going to lie I love this song after watching the Shame Songs episode. I really need to watch this movie now.

  7. So, I’m no fan of the Chipmunks, but they were EVERYWHERE when I was growing up (I’m a few years older than you, Chris). They were more a thing my younger brother liked, and he watched this movie a lot when we were kids.

    And even then, not being a fan, I was fully aware of how well produced, well animated, and high quality a production this movie was. It really is a good adventure movie that has been lost to time.

    Plus – LOL at the MK dancers.

  8. None of my friends remember it, but I still insist that that movie rocks. And besides, the Chipettes don’t even look like animals to a flowering young boy! Now, for grown men to talk about it… that’s another thing entirely.

  9. Loved this episode of LT. My question is can Dave’s name be changed to Dave “Diamond Doll” Rudden? Just kidding. Keep up the awesome work guys!

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