New Fantastic Four Trailer Is Surprisingly Not Bad


Jeepers Creepers! What’s the deal with all these trailers this week? My expectations and cynicism have never been more tested! This might be earlier than Fox wanted, but the newest Fantastic Four trailer is out. And, as someone that has had little faith up to this point, it’s really promising. See for yourself…

So look, I’m both a big Fantastic Four fan, and one of those curmudgeons that thinks there’ll never be a great FF film until Marvel Studios makes it. And yet, this new trailer has renewed my interest in this more down to earth take on Reed and company. It certainly looks better than the total garbage of the last films, and the plotĀ seems to take good inspiration from the Ultimate version of FF. I’m even liking Billy Eliot as the Thing, one of my all-time favorite comic characters.

So what gives me pause? How little we see of Doom. Is he the evil blogger we heard about? You see so very little of him. Guess we’ll be finding out soon if the rumors are true, but he can’t be any worse than the Nip/Tuck guy, right?

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19 thoughts on “New Fantastic Four Trailer Is Surprisingly Not Bad

  1. It doesn’t look completely terrible. I was surprised at how many super power shots they were, since everyone involved in it keeps down playing their powers. I might actually see the movie now.

  2. I still have my reservations about the tone and cast, plus it looks semi-generic (like the Ant-Man stuff we’ve seen so far). It bothers me that this doesn’t seem like the classic FF we know and love since that’s never been done right on film, but if that’s not a huge issue.

    HOWEVER, that trailer was a huge improvement over anything we’ve seen or heard of the film so far and I’m actually interested enough to see this in theaters now. The effects look good, the brief bit of the suits we get is cool, and maybe all the science stuff won’t be so stupid like the Tim Story movies. So kudos to whoever put this one together, I’ll actually probably spend the $12 when it comes out.

  3. Trailer was gone in a matter of minutes, but I imagine FOX didn’t want to be left out. Based on the description, this might be the first summer in a long time when I am interested in all the big movies.

  4. Reed Richards is middle-aged. I know it probably doesn’t sell to the public well, and I can hear eveyone else and thier mother saying “His age doesnt really matter, its not a important part of his charcter” but I think it is. Johnny Storm is black. Okay, whatever. Neat. They dont go to Space with Cosmic Rays. Fine. I can handle that. I understand if some things “need” to change.

    As someone who has always picked The Fantastic Four as his favorite Comic Book ANYTHING, every single time there is a incarnation with a young Reed, its almost a joke. A straight to DVD film, or a Cartoon series for pre-teens.

    I do not understand the addiction to youth-ify Mr. Fantastic. Keep him older. Let him show the cracks in the armor. Let the weight of being the smartest man on earth, everyone always coming to you him for answers, trying to not to destroy a relationship with his wife, push down on his shoulders. THAT is what Reed is, and its never displayed as such with a Young Reed.

    Sorry about the rant. Love you guys. Thanks for the trailer.

    1. Yeah I agree with the younger Reed being a dumb decision, I’m just expecting us to have way worse things to worry about once it actually comes out

    1. Hank, you should update the post as the official trailer contains extra scenes (and a better look at the Thing).

  5. I really like Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm and the line, “All I wanna know is where are my children” I have a feeling he might get killed tho.

  6. yeah looks fine, better than the 2005 ones at least! Though the dark blue/grey colouring of everything is kiiiiinda dull, still looks pretty slick. And Sue really stood out, looks like she’s actually gonna be doing stuff!

  7. Like the Superman trailer, I wish I liked this more. I love the FF, I have every issue since 150, including Annuals and my problem with this version of the FF and Superman also is they should have a lighter tone. I’ll give it a chance and at least it should be better than the last ones.

    I agree with the prior posters that Reed should be older. It is part of his character.

  8. I hated that first trailer, but hey this looked like a real movie! I like everyone they cast into the roles of the FF, I think this looks much better.

    Having said that; even the best super-hero origin movie is a movie that’s been done a dozen times. I’m not any more eager to watch this than I am to watch my Spider-Man 1 DVD.
    It’s harsh, but we do live in a world where 3 of these come out every year.

  9. I think it’s an improvement over the last trailer and I’m a little more intrigued now. I like it better than the Batman/Superman trailer.

  10. Ben and Johnny look pretty cool but it isn’t enough that a FF movie is just existing for me to get excited yet. Maybe another trailer will explain a little about what it’s actually about because otherwise I don’t really care about a retooled origin story.

  11. I always find it odd when movies make their fight scenes take place in big grey desolate places. Otherwise this looks ok

  12. Much like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers, I feel that this trailer shows too much info. I feel I can pretty much piece together the plot of the movie (sans obvious fisticuffs between the FF and Doom) from what was shown in this trailer. It’s unfortunate that this seems to be case with most trailers lately; nothing is left to surprise the audience.

    Needless to say, the movie looks fine. However, it appears to be a bit too dark and serious for my tastes.

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