420 play games everyday: let’s, um, do this?


[UPDATE: Archive embedded below. I think… this is so fucking heavy, bro]

It’s 4:20 everywhere today, so we’re gonna kill Hitler and stop the war on drugs and kill Hitler on Twitch, where we’re gonna kill Hitler.

Join us on twitch.tv at 3:30 PST as we count down to 4:20. Or down. Time is weird, man.

8 thoughts on “420 play games everyday: let’s, um, do this?

  1. At first I thought Dave and Chris were streaming Michael Mans Miami Vice reboot due to a certain somebody looking just like Collin Feral yo! HandleBar is back in for 2015!

  2. Man, look at that stash! I hope Chris goes all “Gimme fueeh, give me fiarr, gimme bazbababzah!!!”.

  3. Best stream so far 🙂 Great job guys! The Twitch should be more of the Lasertime Variety Hour than gaming lol

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