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From underrated gems, to short-lived Simpsons rip-offs, let’s revisit a time when cartoons weren’t exclusively for kids/cable…


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Here’s our first look at Prime Time Animation, in case ya missed it










38 thoughts on “Laser Time – More Prime Time Animation

      1. I think its a combo of them watching King of the Hill recently and not having watched every ep 10 times like Futurama, plus the terrible comedy central eps.
        But those four season of Futurama are solid and Id rather watch them than a majority of King of the Hill, which I did back in the day and now regret.

  1. I have literally JUST finished watching every single episode of King of the Hill as a result of the 1st prime time animation LT episode and i think it mostly holds up still. Had to endure some stuff that sailed over my head because im a dumb britto but my BWAHHHHHHHHHHH is pitch perfect now

    1. Was just wondering if King of the Hill is worth watching as a brit. I love Mike Judge though, mainly for Office Space.

  2. Chris: “We don’t do a lot of Sequels here…”

    Says this right after a sequel to Shame Songs. Lol

    Joking aside, I have absolutely nothing against LaserTime doing sequels or followups, specially when it’s about awesome topics like Shame Songs and this! looking forward to listening! ^^

    1. well at this point it’s pretty necessary to do follow ups/sequels, there’s only so much pop culture they can talk about before running out of ideas

      1. I don’t really think they’ve run out of ideas though. there’s a ton left to explore and they’ve mentioned several such ideas already.

        I’d like to think it’s more that they do sequels to topics that honestly do warrant them. In the case of both this and Shame songs, there’s literally HUNDREDS of songs and shows that fit here and are worth talking about.

        And really, my first comment was just facetious and meant as a joke at Chris, not a real complaint XD

  3. About to listen to this most excelent episode and hope you guys loved the Clerks cartoon as much as I did. It only failed because the stupid networks aired the episodes out of order thus confusing everyone till they were released on dvd.

    1. Fucking LOVED Clerks. That TV show knew exactly what it was. Referencing that it had nothing to do with the movie, a clip show after the first episode. Transformers that killed the people on the inside. So good.

  4. Henry, please. You’re not only making an ass out of yourself, but you’re making parts of episodes painful to listen to.

  5. Wow, Henry said on this episode “I don’t like that Seth McFarlane is a straight guy co-opting the love of gay broadway”

    Fuck, Henry, sorry I didn’t bring my homo license! The guy genuinely likes musicals and old cinema, it’s in all his work, jeez!

    1. Yeah I thought that was kind of shitty too. As a straight guy who also loves musicals and old cinema, saying that only gays can like that is kind of the opposite of the kind of progress Henry wishes for. Equality for all, except musicals! Those must always be a gay thing. Maybe he was just trying to be ironic.

      Henry was kind of in rare form this episode. I’m sure outside factors might have had an impact on his attitude.

      That said, I’d love to see LaserTime do a spin off podcast called, “Henry Talks”. Where it’s just Henry given a single random subject to talk about for 30 minutes. Like, “Henry, tell us about the commentary track for the third season of the PJs.” And let him go crazy. After this episode I am convinced he has consumed every piece of pop culture entertainment on the planet.

      1. Yeah, it was a real bummer. I’m a huge fan of Henry, but that was an awful thing to say. I’m an ungay and love musicals. And whatever you think of Seth MacFarlane, millions of teenagers now know tunes from My Fair Lady, How to Succeed In Business, The Music Man and a bunch more because of him and I’m sure a few have discovered a love of theater thanks to that.

        1. I’d still be interested in hearing a gay-focused podcast with Henry, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in equality for everyone, he’s focused on the parts of him that are a minority being special, and normal people being bad.

      2. I agree, Hank’s corner was always a favorite TalkRadar segment of mine.

        Even if I don’t always agree with him, gotta respect his passion.

        1. Wow! That’s a lot of responses to that. I was a bit mean there, and I agree that musicals are for everyone. I just got carried away in how much I angered I get about Seth MacFarlane being modestly talented and supremely lucky. Sorry, y’all…

          1. Reading some of the other comments, I hope I didn’t come off as too harsh. You’re the best Henry. I look forward to Cape Crisis on Friday the same way I used to look forward to the Zelda cartoon on Friday when I was a wee one.

            I have the bad habit of only commenting when something irritates me. So I probably just come off as an asshole, but really I think all of you have amazing pod casting talent!

  6. You’re wrong, nerds.

    Futurama was great from day one, to the very end. The Fox stuff was great, the CC stuff was great. One or more of the TV movies were great.

    And you know what? When it comes back as a web-only thing, it’ll be great then too!

    1. Really hope I didn’t come down too hard on Futurama. I honestly just never thought it excelled as a “funny show.” There are billions of exceptions, but most of its humor is a little by-the-numbers and delivered a tad too flat for my tastes. But that doesn’t really matter. Most all of the Futurama elements that people talk about are when the show showed HEART. Its sci-fi plots and scenarios are among some of the best on television in the past two decades, and I honestly can’t think of any other cartoon show that visually wowed me to the extent that Futurama did. Not to sell it short, but Futurama doesn’t have to be the funniest show because it did so many other things so very well.

      1. I genuinely think Futurama is hilarious. For big laughs, I’d pit it against any other show, including The Simpsons at its peak.

        Now, if you want to argue laughs per minute, sure, you have an argument. But I really thought Futurama was one of the funniest shows ever.

        I mean come on, it has Rich Moore as show-runner. He’s like the funniest man alive.

  7. “This is the last thing I’m going to say about Family Guy…”

    *Henry proceeds to bitch for twenty minutes*

    Thanks guys! Fucking funny stuff, there.

  8. It’s been fun guys, but I’m finally unsubscribing. I was on the fence lately with Henry getting really SJW-ey lately but this episode sealed the deal with that Drawn Together outburst. Thanks for the laughs!

  9. Wow, lot of anger towards Henry. Haven’t listened to the episode yet but this doesn’t bode well since he is supposed to be focusing on LT after leaving GR.

  10. Great episode guys! I don’t think I’ll ever not enjoy one of your episodes about cartoons just because of how knowledgeable y’all are. A lot of these I’ve never seen and I look forward to checking some of the better ones out.
    And yeah, I agree Henry was a little salty but it didn’t ruin the episode or anything. I think most of his criticism is well-based.

  11. *reads comments* wow, who knew Drawn Together had fans? That show was hot garbage.

    You guys need to do another sequel to this just to talk about Clone High! Gandhi’s right there in the art! If you’re digging Last Man on Earth it is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT to go back and check out Clone High.

  12. Man, listening to them say that Futurama isn’t that great…that hurt. Real psychological pain.

    I loved the Clerks show too. All 6 episodes of it.

  13. Even though I like the initial four seasons of Futurama, and think the Broadway comment was a little much, I still really enjoyed this episode and don’t have any bad blood towards Hank. I don’t come to Laser Time to hear my opinions bounced back around through everyone else in agreement, I come for the hosts’ unique personalities (even when I may disagree or think they’re plain wrong at points). I’ll continue to support and love Laser Time, and I really hope this feud in the fanbase doesn’t go on too long, or make anyone (especially Henry in his current position) feel bad about things. Just thought I’d air my opinion, since everyone else seems to be getting a little bit harsh here…

  14. I was glad you gave props to the time traveling episode of Futurama. When you were talking about the later seasons being bad I kept thinking about that episode, as it’s probably my favorite episode of Futurama out of any season. I think the later episodes weren’t as funny but on the whole, they came up with more interesting sci-fi concepts.

    Kind of like Red Dwarf. It’s not really as funny in the later seasons, but the sci-fi concepts become more clever. Both shows use comedy and a lighter tone to explore some crazier sci-fi ideas that would would never get in a more serious sci-fi show.

    Hope you guys do a part III. There are still so many shows you haven’t gotten to.

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