Mario Kart 8 has new DLC. Wanna play?!

[UPDATED: YouTube embedded below with Animal Crossing racers, bug-shaped cars, insane 200cc racing, and a Hitler mustache!] It’s Mario Kart Live! Dust of your Wii U and join us in getting this Karty started today at 3PM Pacific (6PM Eastern)

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Cape Crisis #134 – Trailer Trash

Henry and Chris are joined by first time guest Phil Kollar from Polygon, and he’s got a lot to share with us about the many, MANY trailers and bits of news in the last week. Not only has Henry’s employment… Read more

LTV: Larger Than Life

Hey there, Laser Time readers! It’s been far too long since LTV has graced the pages of this hallowed site. Anyways, this music video takes place at the turn of the millennium…at the year 300… Can you guess what it… Read more

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