Latest Tomorrowland Trailer Reveals the Bad Guys


Everything that happens before visiting the Land in question is officially INTERESTING…

I’m ignoring a jealous rage over you Englanders getting to watch Age of Ultron before me or any of my friends, so why not bring up the Summer 2015 movie are you SECOND most hyped for? Tied with goddamned Mad Max: Fury Road for me is Tomorrowland, and no, not just because I’m a drooling Disney nerd. Brad Bird directed my favorite 2D animated movie of the modern age, my favorite superhero movie, my favorite Pixar movie, and far and away my most favorite Mission: Impossible movie. If he wants tackle some corporate synergy and craft a movie based on my favorite, yet understandably underrated Disney park, by all fucking means!

Thus far we’ve been told next to nothing about Tomorrowland’s plot, and I’m 1000% okay with that. But this being the third trailer, I assumed it would be the moment where Disney tips its hand… but nay! This is far more intriguing, IMO. What we see instead of plot details is a glimpse at Tomorrowland’s baddies, who also happen to be evil cyborgs. If that doesn’t sound as cool as it actually fucking is, let’s just say that similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney has once again found away to sneak all sorts of violent dismemberment into the eyes of your children under the guise of a PG/PG-13 rating. I could not be happier.

tomorrow land killsBecause they’re not people!

YAY! See ya there on Day 1!

4 thoughts on “Latest Tomorrowland Trailer Reveals the Bad Guys

  1. I’m really excited for this movie. Brad Bird is definitely a great director, so it’s got that going, but it also shows a future that actually looks cool. Yes I know there is conflict and the girl has to “save the future” or something, but goddamn Tomorrowland looks like that wonderfully beautiful future that seems to be missing in modern science fiction.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about this one Chris, I love Brad Bird’s movies.

    It does look like it has every sci-fi element they could come up with, so I hope it doesn’t come off as forgettable. I didn’t enjoy UP, or Guardians of the Galaxy, cos they just feel like stepping into a different plot every 20 minutes.

    But hey I’ll watch it too

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