Vidjagame Apocalypse 109 – Winners (Usually) Don’t Do Drugs


It’s the week of 4/20, which means you probably spent most of Monday massaging your temples in anguish as the Internet brayed endless weed jokes and used the word “ganja” unironically. Well, tough, because it’s not over yet — we’re late to the party, Henry Gilbert is back on the show, and we’re getting our smoke on. Or, well, the protagonists in this week’s Top 5 are, as we count down a selection of games in which you can watch your avatar get high. Then there’s some chat about Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China (during which we somehow fail to make any “chronic” puns) and Killing Floor 2, as well as a whole lot of talk about the weekend’s two big Star Wars trailers: The Force Awakens, and EA’s Battlefront.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite Star Wars game?



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15 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 109 – Winners (Usually) Don’t Do Drugs

  1. QOTW: My favorite star wars game was Super Star Wars for the SNES. For a long time it was the only Star wars game that let you weild a light saber.

  2. I love just about almost any Star Wars game I’ve played, so I’m gonna go with the an entry in the Jedi Knight series, which would be Dark Forces II. What surprised me about playing it for the first time a couple of years back is how fun it managed to be despite being really old with dated (dare I say N64 level or a bit better than that) graphics. It had a really good story in my opinion, even if the live action cut-scenes had some bad, yet enjoyable acting in them. Really made me come to love Kyle Katarn better than the first Dark Forces game on DOS. I would still recommend that everyone play all of the Jedi Knight series games, especially if you can get them all in a bundle for dirt cheap on Steam.

  3. star wars episode 1 racer was awesome, i just played it again a couple weeks ago for the first time in maybe ten years and it was still a ton of fun, but i had to stop cause it hurt my thumb so fucking bad. this just in the n64 controller is hot street trash. i’d love to know if anyone has any tips for making the stick less painful to use cause i really wanted to keep playing

  4. Yay for more VGA and yay for Hank being on it this week! Hope to see more of him on here in the future now that he’s not at GR.

  5. QOTW: Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi…

    …oh wait, that’s the only Star Wars game I played. Ok, hypothetically my favorite is Knights of the Old Republic because Bioware…

    …I’ll get on that one then, sorry.

  6. Wow, this is a very TDar lineup of casters. I love it. And I’m really happy to hear Star Wars being discussed with excitement and optimism again. If nothing else, the buildup to this movie is lending a lot of credence to the theory that Brett put forward awhile back: the Star Wars prequels are largely responsible for the culture of cynicism on the internet. Our hopes were dashed so thoroughly by those movies that we approached everything with doomsaying and dread. But now? We’re excited again, and it’s great.

  7. I agree with Michael on this one. I played the demo for Jedi knight 2: Jedi outcast through about 2 down times with my friends, they got it on some demo disc in a Mac magazine when it released. I bought the GameCube version a couple years later and played it over and over again over summer break. Through all difficulty levels and even played a ton of the multiplayer. Both with bots and with friends. The GameCube version had surprisingly good controls.

  8. I’ve never anticipated any game as much as Dark Forces. In pre-internet 1994, my best friend and I obsessively read and reread a LucasArts catalog and an issue of PC Gamer which were our only sources of information on the game. We played on opposing softball teams in gym class, and when our sides switched halfway through the innings, we would high-five and scream “Dark Forces” at the top of our lungs. Obviously, we had no other friends. When my copy of the Mac version finally arrived after what seemed like interminable delays, it lived up to all of my expectations and I played it continuously for months. However, my friend, being a seasoned PC gamer, was over it pretty quickly and moved on to other, better games which I had no hope of ever playing. Looking back, I think our difference of opinion was a harbinger of the end of our friendship. But Dark Forces was my first Star Wars game, my first FPS, and the first game I ever bought with my own money, and for those reasons I’ll always love it!

  9. For my favorite Star Wars game, I have to go with JK2: Jedi Outcast. It has fantastic level design and still the best lightsaber combat of any game, especially with the dismemberment cheat on…

  10. Question of the week – what is my favorite Star Wars

    The Force Unleashed – using the Force in a way that Jedi were never allowed to.
    The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Console – I enjoyed being able to beat the game without having to add more cash to continue
    Rouge Squadron II: Rouge Leader – Just like Henry, I could play that first stage racing down the Death Star Trench all the time!

  11. my favorite star wars game was this game called Starwars republic commando. a game where you play 1 out of four republican politicians trying to take down the democratic empire…. wait this is a star wars game? seriously as some one who was really into halo 1 at the time, i really loved Republic commando. it had great controls, even had iron sights before COD made it cool, setting up breaches to take down doors to even the sound design was Fantastic. also really loved the characters in the squad, also a stand out for me was rescuing imprisoned wookies.

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