TMNT iOS Wallpapers are comin’ out of their shells!


COWABUNGA: If you don’t want the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on your smart device’s backgrounds, you probably aren’t reading the comic…

TMNT wallpapers? What’s the occasion you ask? Let’s get this out of the way before more normal spiel, because this is important. The IDW TMNT comic is pretty fucking great, and Comixology is offering the first umpteen volumes for over 50% off this weekend and you should go buy some. You have until April 27th to take advantage of the sale/validate your belief that the turtles are timeless, and you were 100% right to love them. I hand optimized these for iPhone/iPad, but they’re huge and’ll probably work on other devices. I’ll leave it at that. I’ve made plenty of other comic book wallpapers if Turtles ain’t your thing.

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5 thoughts on “TMNT iOS Wallpapers are comin’ out of their shells!

  1. Was wondering if you’d ever do a TMNT one. Glad to see somebody spreading the word about the IDW comic. It’s as good (and in some cases better) than some of the stuff DC/Marvel is putting out.

    1. It really is. Picked up the remainder of the first 10 volumes during the Comixology sale and was reading them the whole damned weekend. can’t recommend it enough!

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