Laser Time – Short-Lived Success Stories


Quick fads, pop culture supernovas, and other brilliance that burned white hot for the blink of an eye…


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33 thoughts on “Laser Time – Short-Lived Success Stories

  1. Perfect timin. I’m sick, I’m stressed about my workload, and right now I’m bored as hell trying to get to sleep.

    1. If you’re bored, do what I do. Play Bloodborne. If you are trying to sleep and you’re bored, do what I do. Think about Bloodborne and what you are going to do next in Bloodborne. Playing Bloodborne? Why not play some Bloodborne?
      Fuck that game is so satisfying.

  2. I actively hate Avatar, then and now, no one would shut up about how great it was at the time and I was apparently the only one who hated it around my area. And yes Cameron is making Avatar 2, 3 and 4 apparently itll make us “shit yourself with your mouth wide open”. Jake Sully is the fucking worst character and I wish all the Na’vi were dead because of how agonizingly blunt the theme was. And it revived 3d, its the prominent reason every fucking movie still has a 3d release, which is how it made all its money.

    1. It is no longer solely responsible for every movie having a 3D release the studios/exhibitors are starting realize that they can make a lot more money by having 3D showings.

      1. Yeah after it made it big off of it, 3d was a thing dying out but after Avatar 3d was a staple, the years after Avatar were horrible post conversion nightmares.

    2. I honestly think ‘Avatar’, taken on its own terms, removed from the hype, is just kinda bland. There’s nothing that it really fouls up…but there’s also nothing I can point at and say “THIS is why I love this movie”. It just seemed overly optimized to reach out to such a wide audience, that it lost any sort of identity in the process. My reaction coming out of the theater opening weekend was a profound “Eh, that was…aggressively okay.” Never had any compulsion to watch it again.

  3. Looking forward to this guy while at work today. Guitar Hero was such a staple during the TDAR days, how we all seemed to know they were driving it into the ground, fast.

  4. Guitar Hero/Rock Band is still an interesting case study for me, how quickly that whole genre went from super mainstream to being completely out of favour. In 2011 I worked on a song that was fairly popular on YouTube called I Like Trains, and I was approached by a company about getting it made into Rock Band DLC. The first company went out of business, and by the time I found a second company to transcribe the song, it was mid-2012.

    I was pretty out of touch and to me Rock Band was still this huge cultural phenomenon. So it was a bit of a kick in the nuts when I’d tell friends “dude my song is available in Rock Band now!” and they’d say…yeah, that’s cool I guess, my Rock Band instruments have been out in the garage collecting dust for three years.

    It’s also interesting just the sheer number of companies that used to do nothing but transcribe songs for Rock Band DLC who all went out of business overnight. It was pretty hard to make money because Harmonix took a 75% cut of all songs sold in the Rock Band store (for indie artists at least), so the original artist and the transcription company had to split the remaining 25%.

  5. The Guitar Hero fad seems so weird to me now. Honestly I expected Call of Duty to follow suite, but here it is going strong like 10 games in…

  6. Doesn’t the Wii count? Everyone bought one, everyone played the crap out of it for two years and then boom, collecting dust on Craigslist.

  7. You’re the number one lasertime guest and number two on vidjagame apocalypse in my heart Henry. Also Lasertime crew you’ve been making some great podcasts keep it up.

  8. Hope local california native rapper Ske-lo gets at least a mention yo! “I wish” was a legit catchy song with a great music video that was hot for a minute and then nothing. Years ago I saw a signed copy of his cd in a bargain bin at my local Wherehouse music store for only 2.99 and….. I even passed on buying it. Stay up Skee-lo where ever you are brotha, I wish you were a little more famous!

    1. Good GOD. How in the hell did you pass that up? I would have had to buy that purely for comedic value! I could not fucking escape that song in grade 9(?). It was on MTV and The Box 24/7. We recently had a 90’s party where that damn song was featured multiple times. 😀

      1. Looking back I should of grabbed it like you stated but I only had enough to get one cd and that was Wild Wild West soundtrack! The struggle is real!

        1. So the question remains…..did you buy the WWW soundtrack before or after you watched the movie? Because that is a world of difference. 😀

  9. Haven’t listened yet but the first thing that came to mind were Beanie Babies. I’m not very informed on their actual history but when I was younger it felt like they were the hottest shit at the time.

  10. I never thought I’d hear Shania Twain discussed on LT… And even as a Canadian I hoped she never would be. Cool episode though, my Twain hate aside

    1. The first segment of the show came perilously close to my personal episode of “Shame Songs”. I’ll leave it at that.

  11. I remember Christmas 1983 when Coleco would throw in a Cabbage Patch Kid when you bought a ColecoVision. Both me and my sister won that year. I got my first console and my sister got the hottest toy of the year.

  12. Great episode so far, glad to hear Brett on! With how shitty the news is lately it’s more valuable than ever to have something that lets me not think about depressing stuff for awhile. Thanks so much for all that you guys do <3

  13. To add to Henry’s sports themed flash in the pan – Brian Bosworth, AKA the Boz. He was a college football sensation that was a bust in the NFL. Hollywood then tried to turn him into an action star with the (honestly, pretty well made) 1992 movie Stone Cold. It didn’t work.

    1. Bosworth was an interesting case…there were a lot of high-profile busts in the 80s, like Tony Mandarich, who were juicing heavily in college, then went off the roids when they turned pro because they were afraid of the stricter testing. With Bosworth though it wasn’t even a secret at the time; he got kicked off his college football team for steroid abuse, and the Seahawks still drafted him and gave him a huge contract.

  14. I think Avatar didn’t have legs because it’s main selling point was the 3d. Take it home and it’s not the same.

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