Cheap Popcast #47 – Arse-tream Rules


The Extreme team of Dave, Henry, Brett, and Carolyn chat about WWE Extreme Rules, their wrestling shame songs, and undergo another intense round of FMK with today’s WWE roster. Dave also discusses Raw and the beginning of the King of the Ring.

[FAN INTERACTION: Chime in below with your own FMK choices amongst the random group of Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, and Alberto Del Rio. If we like your reasons, we may read your choices off during our next round of FMK!]



10 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #47 – Arse-tream Rules

  1. Yay! Carolyn is back! i really enjoyed listening to her last podcast, so I hope she becomes a regular, or at least a frequent guest!

    I haven’t watched a single wrestling match, but dammit, listening to these podcasts has become really fun.

  2. Well, first off I’d F Roman Reigns (because dahyum!)
    Then I suppose I would marry Alberto Del Rio (purely for gold digger reason, I assure you)
    So then I’d kill Jimmy Uso, we have to do all three of these at the same time, right?

  3. I’d marry Roman since he did those fatherhood videos on Youtube, and those paint a pretty good family man image. Probably f Uso since he seems like a fun one time guy. So I’ll kill Del Rio for no reason at all.

  4. You guys clearly aren’t taking murder fuck marry seriously; or you’re all just selfish!!!! You get to murder someone for free and you’re just using as your get out of a lame fuck card. Please be more selfless.

    Murder- Roman Reigns. Clearly the best looking of the bunch, but I have a chance to put an end to something everyone hates. Plus I bet he only has like 3 move in the sack anyways and would make me do all the work to make him look good.

    Marry- Alberto Del Rio- A strong passionate man who understand his own value and wont put up with others shit. Never have to worry about someone disrespecting you for the rest of your life. We’re not moving to Mexico though.

    Fuck- Uso I guess. Taking one for the team here…..literally. At least I get to go home to ADR

  5. As a straight male here’s my take on this fuck marry kill. Its tough because damn they don’t really have much to stand out at first glance.

    Mary Reigns. He’s not at the top yet but when he is I’ll be there getting all the benefits when he is at the main event. So if we divorce I’m entitled to more money.

    Fuck Uso cause maybe it can become twincest and that’s an interesting story right?

    Kill Del Rio because someone needs to be killed

  6. F – Alberto Del Rio because he is used to it so it would be like I was never really there at all.
    M – Roman Reigns because my daughter would be happy to have him as a dad
    K – Jimmy Uso because he could make a spectacular death accepting dive from the roof.

  7. F*ck: Roman Reigns due to his pay increase and can charge him some $$$ for a good night
    Marry: ADR because rich aristocrat mehican = $$$
    Kill: Jimmy Uso…. Rikishi money?? No thanks

    Also Dave, I’m really interested in hearing your guys’ top or memorable heel turns in WWF/E, WCW, ECW, etc. I’m reminded of this bc even though at the time Stone Cold’s heel turn pissed me off and legit killed the Attitude era, I look at these promos and vids now and see the genius of the heel Stone Cold character in the majority of 2001.
    the one where Stone Cold kills Michael Cole and Paul Heyman runs away

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