LT plays PT: Let’s Do This!

[UPDATE: P.T. RIP Silent Hills stream embedded above, Captain America and The Avengers Full Playthrough embedded below! Next time, be there LIVE, lollipops!]

The day before it’s taken off of PSN forever, we plumb the depths of Konami’s PT, wonder what could have been regarding Silent Hills, and try not to be afraid of the jump-scares (or Konami’s future). Watch us LIVE at 3:30 PM …PT (er, that’s Pacific Time), and stick around as we play some other stuff after!

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4 thoughts on “LT plays PT: Let’s Do This!

  1. The cancelation of this has now unseated my previous most wanted but sadly cancelled game, Starcraft Ghost. Everything about this game seemed like it could of been the perfect horror game that we have all been waiting for since the original resident evil. Kojima, Reedus and freaking Del Torro all attached to a single project my god! Sadly once Del Torro was attached I had a feeling it was too good to be true since this is now the third videogame to feature his input to be canceled prematurely.

  2. Bad situation with PT. Silent Hill requires cohesion and auteurism, and I feel they had that with personalities in Kojima and GDT. Konami is toilet-bowling itself and the worlds of MGS, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra seem to be flushing down with it.

    Imagine if somebody said those franchises would cease to exist as we know them 4 or 5 years ago? MGSV will be the Beatles playing on the roof of Apple Studios. Then it’ll all be gone.

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