The Best New Amazon Releases: Can’t Go Wrong With Cats And Pizza


Games are rife with zombies and dictators, while Blu-rays of British bears and other furry weirdos descend on Amazon in this week’s round-up!

How’s it going this week? I’m doing ok, especially dealing with all this new free time to catalog the latest new releases on Amazon, not to mention adding in a few comic book recommendations and upcoming game pre-orders, all in the name of supporting your pals at Laser Time! Even if you’re not interested any of the products below or on our right-hand sidebar, using them to enter Amazon to make any type of purchase will (at no extra cost to you) net us a small commission that helps us keep the lights on. Of course, there’s always the more direct method, like checking out our new commentary tracks for the Avengers films! No matter your choice, happy shopping, friends!

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
Launched some time ago on the 360, State of Decay was a fast rising hit in the already crowded market of zombie survival games. Now, like seemingly every single other last-gen game, State of Decay is getting an upgrade for Microsoft’s newest system. Year One brings together all of the DLC into a new package, along with some gameplay tweaks as well. Kill hordes of the undead and try your best to stay alive in this open world adventure, because when a character dies, they’re gone for good in this world of permadeath. The fancy update is also out on PC.

Tropico 5
This series has long explored the lighter side of violent revolution, and it has even taken its bannana republic approach to city sims to consoles before, but this port marks the first it has gone next-gen. Tropico 5’s El Presidente takes his island nation through different eras and battles to slowly build his land into whatever paradise the player chooses. The game earned high marks on many other systems, and Sony’s edition includes some more tweaks and adjustments for consoles, along with some of the previous DLC. Pick up your DualShock and get to spreading liberty/tyranny.

Omega Quintet
As a fan of oddball JRPGs, I’m pretty well acquainted with the team at Idea Factory, mostly known for games that are dense in both gameplay systems and fan service, a move Omega Quintet looks to continue on the PS4. This role-playing game has you saving the world, but only after you first bring together the perfect team of young ladies to sing and dance, in perhaps the first ever RPG/idol sim game ever. So you get turn-based battles AND highly choreographed performances by high schoolers in the same game. And if you have the PS4 Camera, you can actually dance along side them. Honestly, I can’t tell if this game is hella skeazy or the most creative of the entire year.

Story time, kids! When I was a youngster in suburban Arkansas, I believe Paddington was my first ever introduction to a strange place called England. As the brief Paddington shorts on Nickelodeon portrayed it, England was a land full of train stations, raincoats, people that spoke strangely, and a mysterious product called marmalade.  These days I understand the UK a bit better (they drive on the other side of the road, right?), and Paddington holds a place in my hear, even if his appearance in this CGI/live action hybrid still creeps me out. This seems to be from the same factory that produces most kids entertainment these days, though with a distinctly British style, and I’ll give it credit for casting Hugh Bonneville. Most Americans likely know him from Downton Abbey, but I loved him most in the underrated BBC show The Robinsons.

Inherent Vice
I’m such a well read person that I already know what Inherent Vice is all about, because I’m a huge fan of Thomas Pynchon, who is definitely the author of the book this film is based on… Ok, you got me. I’ve never read Pynchon, and in fact only know his name because he appeared on The Simpsons.  Regardless, I’m down for whatever Paul Thomas Anderson wants to dole out, so I’ll definitely be watching this and pretending to fully understand. Hey, it worked for The Master. At the very least, this stars about a dozen great actors, and got nominated for tons of awards. And if you ever start getting lost in the sprawling plot, just pretend it’s a prequel to The Big Lebowski.

Samurai Pizza Cats Complete Collection
Just as I was learning what the word “anime” even meant, this show and its very weird localization entered my afternoons. Felines are always great in my book, and any ’90s anime is comforting to my aging brain, but the weird translation is what I remember most about Samurai Pizza Cats. Known in Japan as Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, the folks responsible for Power Rangers heavily rewrote the scripts for America. Though the animation was the same, the jokes were more of the self aware style of Animaniacs or Bullwinkle, which should be sacrilege to a Japanophile like myself, but I remember finding it too funny to be bothered. I’m not sure if the humor actually holds up, but I’m happy that Discotek Media has bothered to get it back in the hands of collectors.

ECW Unreleased Vol. 3
Another in this week’s collection of “Henry’s childhood obsessions” is a disc that pulls together some lost gems from the revolutionary ECW promotion. Just as my wrestling obsession was reaching its apex, I got into ECW in its later years, watching the most hardcore wrestlers in the US and beyond beat the holy hell out of each other in extreme action that WWF and WCW couldn’t match. Beyond the most famous matches are a wealth of lost and lesser known gems that WWE has slowly been compiling from its dense library of tapes, and this is the third such collection. Hosted by ECW commentator Joey Styles, you get matches from just about all of ECW’s big names: Taz, Rob Van Dam, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, The Sandman, Lance Storm, as well as alums that went on to bigger things, like Cactus Jack, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho. As Paul E would say, this… is extreme.











listed roughly in order of release date

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Limited Edition 
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The Witcher III: Wild Hunt  
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Payday 2: Crimewave Edition  *NEW*
-Pre-order before the release date to receive the “Hardtime Loot Bag.”
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain *NEW*
-Pre-order the Day 1 Edition to get a physical map + DLC content which includes: • Adam-ska Special Handgun • Personal Ballistic Shield (Silver) • Wetland Cardboard box • Fatigues outfit (Blue Urban Snake Costume) • Metal Gear Online XP boost
Project CARS
-Pre-order and recieve FREE Modified Car Pack
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker
-Pre-order and receive free bonus soundtrack
Batman: Arkham Knight 
Pre-order to play as Harley Quinn. Utilize her unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities. Plus, contains 4 Exclusive Challenge Maps
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege  *NEW*
-Pre-order for FREE guaranteed Beta Access


4 thoughts on “The Best New Amazon Releases: Can’t Go Wrong With Cats And Pizza

  1. Very classy pushing Pluto, which is an amazing manga. Henry, you should check out Billy Bat, another manga by Naoki Urusawa. It is one of the most incomprehensible amazing manga I have ever read.

    Though until you mentioned being a Japanophile I still thought this was written by Chris.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Pizza Cats, I just purchased my copy through your very Amazon links. I’ve been waiting for it to be a bit cheaper and I couldn’t pass it up!

  3. Speaking of Pizza Cats, I’ve heard that the voice actors were allowed to do whatever they wanted which made the show way better than it originally was. I saw a post on reddit a awhile back where someone was saying they did the same thing in a show called Ghost Stories. I’ll post the video. I watched it about 20 times. It’s really entertaining.

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