20 GIFs That Show Why Batman Is Better Than Buzzfeed


Because Batman always thought the dress was black and blue.

1. Batman is better at punching things than Buzzfeed.

01 gif

2. Batman stories tend to have more of a focus on Batman than Buzzfeed.

02 gif

3. Batman likes to chill with his homiez. Buzzfeed can’t, it’s just a website.

03 gif

4. Batman actually cares about things, and doesn’t reappropriate other website’s content just to drive traffic to his website.

04 gif

5. Batman’s car is WAY cooler than Buzzfeed’s. Do Buzzfeed even HAVE a car?!?

05 gif

6. When Batman disguises Batgirl as Robin, at least both Batgirl and Robin are his intellectual property in the first place, he’s not stealing other people’s work and taking credit.

06 gif

7. Batman can knock down this guy in the top left without even coming NEAR him, he’s THAT good.

07 gif

8. Only 90s kids will get how this makes Batman awesome.

08 gif

9. Only 60s kids will get how this makes Batman awesome.

09 gif

10. Batman can fall eternally and infinitely and not even care.

10 gif

11. Batman is written for children of all ages, as opposed to Buzzfeed, which often appears to have been written by a kid.

11 gif

12. As evidenced in the 1960s TV series or the Brave and the Bold cartoon, Batman is occasionally funny.

12 gif

13. Sometimes Batman has nunchuck lightsabers.

13 gif

14. Batman won’t show up multiple times in your Facebook feed this morning and tell you you won’t believe things if you click on things.

14 gif

15. Batman can sneak up on the fastest man alive and take his snack.

15 gif

16. Batman will never outstay his welcome in your life.

16 gif

17. Batman is a real man who sometimes allows himself to have all the feels.

17 gif

18. Batman respects you as a person, and not just as a number to drive up advertising sales.

18 gif

19. Let’s be real here. Buzzfeed is a terrible website. Their content is poorly sourced from other, often much better, websites and watered down for an audience with a poor attention span. Many of their articles barely qualify as writing, with loosely connected sentences that are an excuse to show off a bunch of gifs taken from Tumblr. If you need evidence, check out Buzzfeed Articles Without The Gifs. Honestly, it was somewhat painful putting this list together, and contributing to the eternal endless garbage pile of listicles, knowing that they are indicative of a culture obsessed with consuming content in the laziest way possible, and that this will still get less clicks than an article that is based around a picture of Matthew Broderick. It’s shameful.

19 gif

20. Sometimes Batman likes to go surfing.

20 gif

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13 thoughts on “20 GIFs That Show Why Batman Is Better Than Buzzfeed

  1. Have to give props to Buzzfeed recently though. They’ve really proven themselves to be a lot more than just a listicle site and have been doing some well researched longform pieces.

  2. Question for you Coop, have you ever seen the Gotham Knight Anthology series? If so, your thoughts?

    1. The 2008 straight to DVD Gotham Knight? It’s okay. It’s like most anthologies – there are good parts and bad parts. It’s interesting to see the characters designed in a different style (or, rather, styles, with the different studios and all.)

      I’d say it’s definitely unique, and therefore worth a watch, but there are better DC animated movies.

  3. The shit-quality gifs really give it a refined quality

  4. Thanks for all these great Batman gifs, and yes, Batman is better than Buzzfeed. Although, a lot of things are better than Buzzfeed.

  5. How did I miss this article? Well done Cooper. I don’t get why people go to Buzzfeed in the first place. I had them on my newsfeed for about a week before I got rid of them. So, fucking, much, garbage.

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