Laser Time – Bad Beatles Covers


What do Joe Pesci, The Brady Bunch, Yosemite Sam and Bill Cosby have in common? They’ve all butchered songs by the best band on Earth! Special guest Dan Amrich takes us on an audio journey of pure terror…


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28 thoughts on “Laser Time – Bad Beatles Covers

  1. Hell yeah! More Dan! He killed it in last week’s VGA, so I’m really looking forward to this one! 😀

  2. My best buddy is a huge beatles guy, this episode will get him hooked for sure.
    Can’t wait to listen to it myself!

  3. Hooray for more Dan Amrich! Coincidentally, I just picked up The Beatles Rock Band and have played through a few songs so far. It will be fun to hear how badly their catalog has been covered.

  4. Dan Amrich and Chris? If you could have got Dave on, then invited Ryan McCaffrey and Andy Bauman, you could have had all of the hosts of KOXM in the same room.

    Fun fact: Chris’s brief tenure on KOXM is how I discovered Laser Time. (And I kinda miss the Ryan McCaffrey sound board.)

  5. Diana should be on by herself more often, so it doesn’t seem as odd not hearing Mikel introduce himself after her.

    I didn’t know Dan was doing a new podcast, I fell off following him after he left Activision (and the only reason I listened to the Activision podcast was for him.) I’ll have to check it out.

  6. This episode is absolutely amazing. Dumb songs and Dan are always hysterical and make the best shows, and the Shane sit-down was a downright hoot. As a fan from the inception of GamesRadar, this is kind of everything my life has amounted to. Thank you so much for validating my idiotic obsession. And for not editing down the fifteen minute talk about the inception of GR.

  7. Interesting episode. Never thought of Cosby singing a Beatles song. Kind of surreal but I can safely say you missed one.

    And no, I have no idea why somebody at DiC decided to do a Bubblegum Pop version of I Want To Hold Your Hand for the soundtrack to their English dub of Sailor Moon back in the 90’s.

  8. I’m not sure what was funnier: Cosby singing Beatles songs or Chris imitating Cosby singing Beatles songs and Taylor Swift songs….

  9. So many things to comment about this episode! First, I loved the main part of this episode Dan was really prepared and I’m excited for part 2. Secondly, I think Diana needs to be on a commentary she kills it on the podcast so no doubt she’d be great in a commentary *cough* Supergirl 1984 *cough*. And lastly it was great to hear Shane again! Y’all at LaserTime just keep getting better and better.

  10. X3 more Dan. I love it!
    and then SHANE!?
    XD I’ve died and gone to heaven.
    I always thought you (Chris) and Shane had the craziest dynamic on Tdar.

    I feel like this should be the year of guest appearances.
    I want all the old Tdar crew to show up at least once.
    or just more comedy guests like the last few weeks.
    so cool.

  11. Dan did a great job! He really did his homework, and was able to answer anybody’s questions. He needs to be on more often!!!

  12. Loved the episode! I have to admit, I sold a bunch of magazines through my school and traded in to get the Bugs and Friends Sing the Beatles cassette tape when it came out. I used to listen to it every night as I went to sleep, until my parents got so fed up with it that they took it away.

    God was it awful in retrospect.

  13. love having Dan back. great episode, had me laughing constantly. bad music is truly the gift that keep on giving.

  14. Damn, you guys should do an episode focused exclusively on Cathy Berberian. That was amazing.

  15. I do so love the “music so terrible it must be heard to be believed” episodes of Laser Time. And the double whammy of Dan and Pane Shatterson is giving me serious TDar nostalgia.

  16. This might have been one of ya’lls best episodes. You should have an expert guest more often. It works really well, especially with Diana and Henry to bounce off someone instead of trying to out pop culture the other one.

    Also the end sign offs made me realize Diana is the Black Widow of Lastertime. Why doesn’t she have her own show?

  17. I’ve listened to a handful of Dan and Kat Talk episodes, and Dan is more organized on this episode of Laser Time than he or the guests are on a lot of the episodes of his show that I’ve listened to. Which isn’t to say anything bad about his show, it’s very interesting, but it makes the work he put into guesting on Laser Time more impressive.

  18. Man, that Shane interview was awesome.

    I had no idea about GR Dark, that was a really interesting peak inside.

    So cool to hear from Shane again, I wish he could become a regular guest.

  19. Dan and Shane on one episode? Doesn’t get much better than this. Shane’s roast on TalkRadar is one of my favourite episodes ever.

  20. Loved this episode–so informative and funny. The last several have been somewhat above average. Thanks, and keep up the good work. You make my job less painful by providing some sorely needed diversion.

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