Vidjagame Apocalypse Showcase: Your Embarrassing and/or Favorite Fan Art


Two weeks ago, Vidjagame Apocalypse asked its listeners to post and explain the most embarrassing (or best, because not everyone’s willing to bare their souls online) fan art they’d ever created. Because our fans are awesome, the results were predictably amazing — so much so that we’re reposting them here for those of you who never venture into our forums. Some are cringe-worthy, some are brilliant, and some are a bit of both — dare you look for yourself?

Batmanboy11 was first to the party with this luvverly Dark Knight piece:


“This is a drawing I did of Christian Bale’s Batman from The Dark Knight as a CPT Tonal Study for tenth grade art. Generally I’m a decent enough drawer, but this is the picture I’m most proud of both for effort and result.”

Next up was Hjels, who shared this Mass Effect piece with the world, which to be fair is pretty badass from the waist up:


“I was super happy with it back in the day, but that’s before I could see the atrocious anatomical errors.

“Now it’s all I see.”

Smars contributed two pieces, saying:

“I’m only six years old and i am really into the raccoon. here i made some fan art”


“then I came back in time from the future, because I’m such a fan of the LTN and the raccoon, that I gave myself a better fan art pic.”


Both of these, incidentally, are fantastic and now rank among the reasons we won’t retire VGA’s horrid mascot anytime soon.

Now, Sinosaur’s contribution may just be embarrassing for me. Serves me right for playing awful games on a public stream, I guess.


“For awhile I was a constant watcher of GamesRadar streams and started just doing some quick stupid art during one of the 24 Hour marathons to help inspire people. This resulted in a lot of great/terrible art combining whatever video game was being played with those playing them. One such masterpiece is this picture of Onechanbara Mikel Reparaz.”

Longtime contributor codystovall stepped up with a few classic fan pieces from the TalkRadar days:


(We promise this totally counts as fan art, referencing this video a little past the 7-minute mark.)


Poor Michael Grimm! Too bad he ended up getting a job at Wikia instead of LaserTime. (Too bad for us, I mean.)


I have no idea which game or Republican presidential candidate this is referencing, but man, I can’t wait to eat that pizza.


Hollander Koopa was so traumatized by having his shell stomped that he went on to a highly successful career at EA.


Batman villains are everyone’s favorite thing on Earth. To draw me, Chris and Henry as them is the highest form of compliment. Thanks, Cody!

“I guess the first couple of arts I drew for talkradar that are still on those pages.
“I also did some fanart for VGA and sent them to Mikel and Ann on twitter but never got responses so I quit.”

(Sometimes we suck, sorry.)

These contributions from CharlesA deviated entirely from being game-related, but that’s OK because Korn.

“Went on a nostalgic trip through the olde Deviantart account, apparently I had a phase when I sketched album covers of bands:”




Brendalf never asked for this. I mean, we’re assuming. It’s not like we asked him if he ever asked for it. Anyway, here’s a robut arm!


“About over a year ago I used to run my own blog on tumblr for my graphic design. I stopped paying attention to it but this question made me go back to search something that I did back then. I mainly focused on minimalism and was quite happy when The Deus Ex community team posted one of my posters on their blog and facebook page for fan art of the day or whatever they called it.”

JJBSterling shows us what Muscle & Fitness magazine could be like in an alternate universe where we actually read it:


“My junior high picture of the Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect may be lost forever so here’s a photoshop I did as a response to one of Brett’s tweets from a few weeks ago.”

These pieces from barny69, submitted without comment, contain rather more flaccid hedgehog dick than could be considered safe for work. So go ahead and click on the image below for the original post and its uncensored images.


Carlos The Dwarf presented this wonderfully blasphemous piece, which comes with its own complicated backstory:


“I grew up looking at the art in the instruction manuals of Warcraft, Warcraft 2, and Starcraft. The Illustrations inspired me to draw many of my own versions of the units and characters and along with Magic The Gathering cards lit my imagination up. I still have all might notebooks full of Orcs, big-breasted barbarian women, and marvel heroes. I later went to art school where I studied fine art and stole Chris’s idea for a Mega Man tattoo and incorporated it into a series of nerdy inside joke drawings. I vaguely connected it to the tile mosaic hierarchical byzantine representations of the Crucifixion… mostly it was just a joke. Actually I instagrahmed that drawing to Chris and Brett on Christmas (get it?) only to realize that out of context (and Brett still at Capcom) that probably looked totally insane.

“I’ll throw in a couple of my other drawings from the series cause they’re about Star Wars which I am technically still a fan of…”



Eleven or so years ago, DrDevious was so inspired by Halo 2 that he created these:




“When Halo 2 came out, I was in middle school and went to after school Hebrew school. Hebrew school was boring, so a friend and I spent most of it doodling. Now I am a horrible artist, but my friend was really good. Since all I wanted to do was go home and play Halo, I drew Halo Spartans and Covenant. I ended up writing a series of comics based on a grunt named Heresy. The art was bad and most jokes were terrible, but I made 3 “books” of about 20 comics each.

“Sometimes my friend would some guest comics, which completely overshadowed mine in quality:”


In spite of the forum name, Sega Galactico‘s contributions from high school did not include a single Sonic the Hedgehog drawing, which is frankly baffling.

“In high school I was under the impression I was at least an average artist… Turns out I was horribly wrong.

“Enjoy Mega Man, Tetsuo, Donatello, and Vegeta. Oh boy…”





“I am a pro at paint,” says ChristsFatCock. “I’m a big fan of both of these Nintendo characters.”


SneakyGopher really went all in on the Question of the Week, with a series of ancient drawings and plenty of context for them.

“I can’t believe I’m actually posting these but screw it. Listening to the podcast this week drove me to go into my parents attic who have kept all my childhood drawings and school projects to dig up some old “fan art.” The Final Fantasy ones were drawn in 97, so i was about 9 years old with Final Fantasy 7 was the biggest thing happening along with Flamin Hot Cheetos. I don’t know why, but i always associate the two together as Flamin Hots were just released in my area for the first time around FF7’s release and only came in the small bags. Final Fantasy 7 would go on to be one of my favorite games of all time, so its cool to still have a drawing of Cloud from the era regardless of how droopy he looks. Probably haven’t had Flamin Hots since then.”



“As a BONUS i also found some drawing from around 1995/7 years old of what i felt the next Mortal Kombat characters should be. You can tell one of the fighters is a girl because of how i drew her sideways to show that she has breast. What the fuck was the matter with me? Also you know they’re “cool” because it says it above all their heads…”



“Another BBBBONUS! I also found a Doom fan art scene of Doom Guy tearing through the most hellish and diabolical demons of hell including a hanging prolapsed asshole, and a Anthropomorphic Scream mask.”


Capt. Morenzo shared a piece of art that some of you may have already seen elsewhere.

“One of my best fanart was of Metroid fusion’s cover art that actually got in a issue of Gameinformer.”

WP_20150503_013 reworked_zpsg5wrbjyi

“Greatest shame art was on an essay… social studies, and it wasn’t the first time. It’s a reference to halo2… a line a grunt says when you’re recommended to use cloak for the first time…”


“I was actually overjoyed when I saw the end of the halo grunt ad for the halo MC collection.”

Another fan from the days of our ooooother podcast, MrSuitMan volunteered a couple of favorites from those halcyon days, starting with this one marking Chris’ bittersweet departure for PC Gamer:


… and this one, which appears to show Hank throwing a nuke directly at Antista’s(?) ass:


“And my absolutely favorite piece, though I deeply regret that I have since lost the image in its original resolution. Though I do have the original components. I could make a new one…”


It’s a veritable parade of old TalkRadar characters: Bonsoir, Alf Pacino, the Norwegian King of Names, Duke Lombardi, Shy Fonzie, and, uh… yep! That’s it! Noooo other characters here.

Here we have a few sketches of varying slickness from Ravenbom: “Chun Li from some contest that was going on in the gamesradar forums back when Street Fighter IV was coming out and an errant sketch of Charlie Bear-hat I made from about the same time.”

chun-li    img023


In lieu of a sketch, crazyer went so far as to submit a video of a 3D-modeled Geth Prime speech:

“my 3d modeled rigged,animated and rigged geth has to be my favorite fan art one one of the few thing I actually don’t hate looking back, and i’m answering best because I hate my old work so much much of it no longer exists.”

And finally, here’s one from me, originally drawn (if memory serves) during something unimportant, like a ninth-grade biology lecture.


Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Question of the Week (and to everyone who read this far), and be sure to check out this week’s Vidjagame Apocalypse, where you can answer another question (that almost certainly won’t generate a standalone post like this one)!

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4 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse Showcase: Your Embarrassing and/or Favorite Fan Art

  1. X3 seeing that pic in the banner brings a tear to my eye. a horrid, acrid, corrosive tear to my tired bleary eye. btw, I drew the 6 year old version with my left hand (which is how it looks so young) and the regular fan art with my right hand (my dominant one)
    can I make another shirt for you guys PWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ?
    a raccoon shirt yes? I’m happy to see the pixel skull shirt in the store. yay.

    also, I made a speedart of the creation of that pic and posted it in the forums a long time ago.

    wow, I remember the MrSuitMan art from the GR forums. yes! I think I actually have some of it saved to an old hard drive somewhere. that stuff was amazing!

  2. Awesome article! Cool to see my piece in here too!

    I think my favourite has to be Carlos The Dwarf’s work, especially the one of George Lucas and baby yet still bearded Mikel (I think it’s Mikel anyway). We do have some crazily talented artists in this fanbase though.

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