What Are The Worst Superhero Films Of All Time?

3) Elektra
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 10%
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Ben Affleck’s Daredevil film is 88% bad, and when the film’s producers decided to make a sequel/spin-off, they decided to cut out the 12% of quality to make one of the most boring super movies of all time. Starring Jennifer Garner and virtually no one else, this technically follows Elektra after her supposed death at the end of Daredevil, but it may as well be a brand new character. Blandly filmed and acted, the movie is just listless, even when the low-budget kung fu is playing out before your eyes.


I can’t pin down just what makes the film so boring. Certainly removing Elektra’s edge from the comics is part of it. Mishandling the epic war between The Hand and Stick doesn’t help either, nor does the filmmakers thinking that cheaply animated living tattoos look cool, or that Elektra needed to befriend a sassy teen and her widowed father. Honestly, I’m having trouble remembering anything else about the film – it’s a blank space in my mind. At least Batman & Robin is memorably terrible. This is just beige nothingness.

2) Captain America
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 9%
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In the 1990s, Marvel was a very different company. They were sitting on a gold mine, yet they seemed to have no clue what their characters were worth. The bosses traded major franchises like Captain America away for potatoes, and allowed low-budget camp to be produced starring their lead characters. The second such Cap film to be made, this film’s horrendous quality made me think that the franchise was forever poisoned, with no possibility of Cap turning into a global phenomenon featuring the star of Not Another Teen Movie. I’ve been wrong before…


Seriously, when lifelong character actors Ronny Cox and Ned Beatty get top billing in the trailer below, you know your super film is lacking star power. In the years since this movie crapped all over his legacy, Steve Rogers has thankfully shaken off the stink of this pile dung. However, the film still has lessons to teach. Mainly, that the most accurate costume isn’t always the best one. The wings on the head look great in the comics, but when you actually see them on a real live human, you are lightyears from respectability.

1) Catwoman
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 9%
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Meow! Bad kitty… Yes, I know that was hack, but I needed to give you a sense of what level Catwoman is working on. Trapped in development hell for years, this movie was once planned as a Michelle Pfeiffer spin-off to Batman Returns. By the time Warner got it going, any connection to Gotham and Bats were erased, as were Selina Kyle, and any sense of respect for the character or her history. That all fell on poor Halle Berry, who went from an Oscar win to drinking milk in saucers and punching Sharon Stone, and her career hasn’t recovered yet.

Halle Berry, Sharon Stone catwoman

Recently, a high level executive referenced this film as why you don’t make super films starring women, but this failure had nothing to do with gender, because it’s simply garbage. A paper-thin plot, horrendous acting, hacky writing, and CGI that looks ripped from a PlayStation cutscene, this film is bad, bad, bad, and deserves all the hate dumped on it. Instead of holding up Berry’s Eartha Kitt inspired act as why we can’t have a Black Widow movie, maybe just say that you’ll never make another superwoman film as atrocious as this one?

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  1. The thing that I cannot understand.. is how Ghost Rider 2 is that much worse than Ghost Rider 1, because that was awful awful garbage. Just by having the Crank directors it should be a bit better? And yet it is ranked worse… that is definitely the most intriguing movie on this list.

    Shout out to you guys linking to were we can buy some of these awful piles of movie garbage lol.

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