Invincible iOS Wallpapers – A Viltrumite Invasion Of Your Home Screen


Honor Robert Kirkman’s real best series on your phone/tablet…

Oh, have you watched every episode of Walking Dead and read every issue of it? Even the tie-in novels? That’s cool, but if that’s all you know about the work of Robert Kirkman, you are missing out. See, before his zombies overran the comics industry, Kirkman created Invincible, a very different cape and cowl comic. It’s his own universe of superheroes that rivals in scope anything that Marvel or DC has done, except he controls it all, so it’s incredibly unpredictable.

Events that would be 12 issue maxi-series happen in 8 pages. Characters get murdered with no warning, often by their most trusted allies. New status quos are made and unmade just as fast. Invincible is for comic fans that want to read a story where Batman could have his head ripped off at a moment’s notice.

If you’re just as big a fan as the crew at Laser Time, or are only just starting to get into the series, this collection of iOS wallpaper are the perfect reminder of the series’ wild beauty. Download them now to live in the world of Invincible every time you grab your phone. And if you want to start getting into Invincible, check out the links to Amazon below!

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3 thoughts on “Invincible iOS Wallpapers – A Viltrumite Invasion Of Your Home Screen

  1. That head exploding is pretty much every second issue of Invincible. Well, maybe it isn’t that severe but there are dozens of times where he gets Mortal Kombat fatality style injuries only to recover. I still like Invincible but those scenes lose dramatic effect after you have seen them multiple times.

    1. That and the overuse of the trademark Kirkman cliffhangers are the only thing wrong with Invincible. Otherwise, it’s the perfect superhero comic.

  2. my dream is that one day CGI will be cheap enough for a faithful Invincible TV show… not that TV’s will exist by then

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